Saturday, 19 July 2014

TOPSHOP Jeans / H&M Crop Top / ZARA Shirt (Similar Here) & Purse / RIVER ISLAND Heels

I've always liked that whole "tie my shirt round my waist" look. It takes me back to late 90s/early 00s when I would do this with literally every shirt or jacket I had and I would hop about happily in my trainers! Ahh the kid days! Today I've gone for a more grown up version, paired a check shirt with an all white ensemble, my go to minimal heels, and a pop of red with my purse (serving as a clutch).

I love that I can also throw this shirt over blue jeans and converses for a more casual look!

Lunch date this afternoon with the bffs, then I'm back home for a Scandal marathon tonight, thanks to a love package they sent me filled with goodies: Season's 1 & 2, red wine, gorgeous PJs and so much more! Excited!

What are you all up to this weekend?

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Photos taken by Agne Akelyte.

Back to Business

Thursday, 17 July 2014


It feels good to finally be posting again after my long break from the internet world. I also recently had a life detox and talked about it in
this video, check it out when you get the chance.

Lots happening behind the scenes and I'm very excited to bring fresh new content on the blog and YouTube channel, so keep your eyes peeled.

This outfit was from last week. It was a cooler day for summer so I kept it simple with an LBD and Mac... perfect for my various meetings on the day. I'd been searching length and breadth for a Mac like this one and when I finally found it, gosh was I a happy little lady! You'll be seeing more of it. Oh and I got it in Black too! ;)

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Photos taken by Agne Akelyte.

L.A. Photo Diary

The last time I posted was right before I jetted off to LA, and boy that was a WHILE ago. If you follow me on Instagram or my Vlog Channel you'd have seen little peaks here and there into my trip, which was awesome. I spent the most part of it resting and just basking in the sun we get so little of here in Britain. I also took the liberty to slow down a little on vlogging/blogging after my week of YouTube events and networking. Shopping in Hollywood was amazing, beach days out in Malibu were relaxing and I also met a few people who made my stay worthwhile!
CALI will definitely see me again soon! Very, very soon! ;)

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New Bikini

Thursday, 29 May 2014

"I have too many black, white and grey clothes." Said by me, NEVER.

I love my signature palette to death, and I didn't hesitate to extend it to my beach/pool wardrobe! Haha! I loveeee the chevron details, and the bottoms are high some of that 50's glamour, I'm so down with that!
But don't worry, I also picked up some bright and beautiful colours too, which I'll be sharing on the blog soon! I feel like I'll have an excuse to step out of my usual, while i'm out here in LA!

Oh and for those of you who don't know, I'm visiting LA for the first time! My friend Missy invited me to come, and I couldn't be more excited! I'm actually blogging from the comfort of her beautiful apartment!

I would like to organise some sort of a meet and greet while i'm out here, but I'm definitely going to be at the Generation Beauty Event, so if you can, come along and say hi! (More details to follow.)

I'm now going to finish off my breakfast, edit a Vlog and GRWM video (both will be up later today!),
then I'll be off to catch some of this Cali sun. I'm one happy bunny! :)


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Feline in Suburbia

Thursday, 15 May 2014

TOPSHOP Leather Skirt / H&M Crop Top / ZARA Blazer / KURT GEIGER Heels / ZARA Bag / RIVER ISLAND Accessories

Cat Eye (behind the shades!), check. Leather, check. Leopard print, check, check, check!

Today I felt like a Feline in Suburbia!

I actually dreamt about these shoes last night, and I woke up with the itch to don them today. What is it about leopard print that makes us girls go 'ooooo'?! I thought it would be the perfect little accent to this leather skirt and crop number. This white blazer just set off the dark hues nicely.

I had a few meetings to attend today, and I wasn't expecting the weather to be so warm. It was a welcome surprise, however I did feel like I was going to burn at one point in the leather skirt...but hey-ho, what we do for fashion huh?

Good thing I had my sunglasses on me too! They live in my bag, along with a mini umbrella, because as we all know, British spring weather can be quite (predictably) unpredictable!

Hope your week is going well!

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Fresh White

Monday, 12 May 2014


There is no greater feeling in this world than that of being happy and content with who you are. Flaws and all.
Especially in a world where society is addicted to telling you what and how you should think, feel and live your life. I'm just happy to have reached a point in mine where I completely love the person I have become, because yes, I fought to become her.

I've learnt that nobody gives you happiness, you have to take it. 
The moment you realise this, trust me, it makes room for so many incredible things to happen.

I shot these photos yesterday with my friend Dalia (who is an amazing photographer!!!). We were cracking jokes and laughing all the way through! It's wonderful to be surrounded by people that share similar values and zeal for life as you do. Beautiful conversations with beautiful minds. I live for this! 

Fresh White. Jeans paired with an oversized shirt, tied into a knot, and pulled together with nude and gold accessories. One of my things.

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