We were meant to be STUDYING!

Sunday, 31 May 2009

My sister and I have Finals this week!!!
So we decided it was best to leave the house...
because my brothers are home for 1/2 term and the house just became to damn NOISY!)
...to find a condusive environment for studying.
We went to the Library; But it was PACKED OUT with other Kids revising, we couldn't even find a chair to sit on, this one woman even started an arguement with another woman, geez!

We went to the park; But there were just tooo MANY bugs!

So we sorta gave up and decided to go back home!

On our way back we stopped by BROADWALK (The Mall) to look around...
AND to get our fave Frapps from Starbucks! =D
We ended up staying and messin around, took pix and made fun of some ppl, haha!

Kezia just kept on Laughing about the randomest things.
She has this infectious laughter, that when you hear it you just can't help but laugh too!

It was a really good day out, for two things :-
1. It was Sunny for Once in London.
2. I got to spend it with my Sis and Bestie Kezia!


We did have to stay up late to complete our Past Papers though...!
They had to be done!
We need A's, Coz Daddy says we would go on Holiday if we get'em...
...good incentive huh!



Tk said...

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Anonymous said...

You guyz are sooo Cute!

Kaz said...

you just decided to go home, lol that's funny! starbucks is a great place to do some serious reading.

Shirley B. Eniang said...

@ Anon Thank you!

@ Kaz haha, i kno rite! It is a gr8 place to study!!!


Pinklemonade-xo said...

Aww. this makes me want a sister.
Thank you soo much for your comment.. i think you just wrote everything I was debating.
It may be dependant on the weather ya know :P or i'll just do all three and be home late :P
How did your exams go in the end ?

Shirley! said...

@ Pinklemonade-xo ~ Your welcome hun! Yup the weather will be the deciding point! lol They went well, hoping to get those grades so i can get to uni!

Fingers Crossed!


Thx 4 commenting too!