Night Out in Soho.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Friday Night was our first night out since the end of the exam season... was JOkeS!!!

We went clubbing down in Central London at the Club Taman GanG and we had a lot of fun,
so much fun that at one point we actually danced on the table!

CRazY ChiCks!

I wore a Purple dress and Black Leggings and combined it with my Shiny Silver Heels...divine!
There is something about the colour purple that just makes me happy...idk, lol.

Here are the Shoes...

I Just love the buckle detail...

For my makeup i did a Smokey eye look using MAC Carbon and a nude lip!

I didn't wear much jewellery...just black studs and bunch of Silver bangles my bff lent to me!

  • Dress ~ TopShop
  • Shoes ~ Quiz
  • Leggings ~ TopShop

So here I am in action...

In the Car with my BFF Bee...


In the Club with my Crazy Chica Oré

My hair begun to get messy at this point. lol.

More pix of will be posted soonly, just waiting for Oré to put them up on FbOok!

Hope you all had fab weekends too!



Caramel Diva said...

I have some blog awards for you!!

hazeleyes said...

I love that dress!! And ur make up looks gorgeous! xXx

EllaCinderella said...

You and your friend look gorgeous, looks like you had a great night. Amazing smokey eye as usual I love it :) oh and your dress is pretty purple really suits you!
Ella xoxo

Anonymous said...




i wanna asap before july...because you are so fit! loool

and im a fatty!

Shirley B. Eniang said...

@Caramel Diva - Thx soo much!!

@hazel eyes - the dress is gorj aint it, thank you!

@ my Lovely Ella - Thank you honeyyy! We did have fun, maddd fun! XD

@Anon - Coming Right Up! =D

Samecia said...

Gorgeous as always:)
Oh and thank you for nominating!!

Shakira said...

LOL - Glad you had fun. Me & my girls always dance on tha tables.

Shirley! said...


Ore* said...

Shirley you didn't tell me you had a blog!!!!!!!!!
I. LOVE. IT.!!!!
Check mine and my friends out...its new!


Shirley! said...


I didn't know you had one either!

kk, i will check it and follow!


FAITH said...

You are such a pretty girl:) love the makeup and OOTD postings.Every single outfit you have posted I have wanted to duplicate. Thanks for the great blogs.

Shirley! said...

@Faith ~ You are such a darling!
Thank you so much, i'm so happy u like them!