MakeUp Look - Hot Pink Lips!

Friday, 24 July 2009

It's been ages since I wore this lippy (Boots 17 Lipstick in Pink Power) Last time i believe was in a Haul Vid...3Months ago and I forgot how nice it was!!

A great trick I came across...

After I applied the lippy, I blotted it with some tissue paper, re-applied it, then used my ring finger to pat the colour in just to smooth it out.
Sexy Hot Pink Lips!

Don't you just love Bright Lipstick??
It's the easiest way to add Drama to any look i think!

My eye-makeup was very simple. A smooth Line of Liquid Liner followed by a volumising Mascara!

Same old same old for my Face...My Fave at the mo..MACs mineralise skin finish foundation in Dark and a bronzy blush for my Cheeks!

I'm sure you're wondering..."Where was she going to??"

Well I was off to B&Q to pick up some stuff! ;)

It was a bit chilly today (hence the Scarf ...which i got on Oxford St for a Fiver!) and rainy and dark and dull in London...
...Funny, I used to find days like this really depressing, until i read Twilight.
Now Rainy days actually make me Smile!
Weird, I know!

So's me!

Talk to all of you soon!



*LilBiuty* said...

OOOO Nice color!!
I have kind of the same pink from mac (One from the heatherette collection) I'm a bit scared of using it LOl, its so so bright! But since I rock purple lippy I'll force myself to work the bright pink ones!

VexInTheCity said...

That looks really good on you. When I bought MAC Girl About Town, I ended up selling it. It looke a hot pink mess on me and I was convinced my lips looked even bigger than usual.

Hmmm I'll investigate that Boots lippie on Monday and try again - least it's cheaper than the MAC!

Shirley! said...

@Lilbiuty ~ Yh defo rock it!

@Vexinthecity ~ Girl you better do, didn't even cost me a thing!

Thx Girls!


bubblegarm said...

ooo love this bright lip on u!

Patience said...

Sexci, sexci!

It's small things like a bold lipstick that can transform the whole face!

I like this a lot!

(",) xXx

Shirley! said...

Thx Muhsine! Love ya! xoxo

Shirley! said...

@Patience ~ I know right, its all you need!!! Thank you! x

suzannah said...

it's such a lovely colour ,3

Shirley! said...

Thx Suzie baby!

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

That color was made for you! You look amazing!!!


Shirley! said...

hehe! Thank you Sara!

Chibuchi said...

OooOhh this is such a beautiful colour on you!

Shirley! said...

lol..thankk youuu!

Sharon said...

u sure rock bright colours babes,they suit u beautifully