MakeUp Look - Tangerine Queen.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Hey My Lovley Ladies..
...and Guyz! I know there are a few of YOu! ;)

Once again I've been inspired by one of my Nail Polishes (Rimmel I
Lasting Finish in Tangerine Queen)..
...and came up with this look.

It was Originally meant to be a MakeUp tutorial, but my Laptop is being "Special" ¬_¬
So, I'll Try and upload the Video sometime soon!

Here's what i used:


~ Gosh Eye Pencil in Girl Power
~ Oranges & Black from the V. Jackson && 78 Palette
~ L'Oreal Super Liner
~ Rimmel Eye Kohl
~ Glam Lashes


~ MAC Mineralize Skin Finish
~ The Body Shop Brush on Bronze


~ MAC Lip Gloss in Entice

Chat Soonly! :)



Mama Mish Mash said...

pretty look! looks fab on you!

Shirley! said...

Thank you soo much!

VexInTheCity said...

Oooh that is schexy! You've just reminded me that I'm yet to use my NARS Scorching Sun duo! Make usre you post on Twitter when you upload the video so I don't miss it!

Shirley! said...

@VexInTheCity ~ Oooo, might check out that Nars Schorching Sun!

KK Will Do!


Elusivebabe said...

Awwww you look well nice dearie. =)

I am useless when it comes to eyeshadows so I just skip that bit out when im doing my

Was eyeing up the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in selfridges today. What kinda coverage does it offer..does it cover blemishes at all ?


Shirley! said...

Heya darl, thank you!
Yh its amazing! Covers up everyfin...mate i swear by it!

Dyu kno, it doesn;t even look like you got anything on!