I got extensionsss!!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Seeing how Fab they look on Muhsine (bubblegarm) made me take the plunge once again!

I've had extensions in before...from full/half head weaves, bonding, braids to corn rows.
You name it, i've had it done!

But i've never been as happy as i am with this!

These are sew ins...nearly a full head weave, but my hair at the front is left out!

My Hair Stylist Lily V.'s got Skillss!

The hair is of very good quality (Closest thing to Human hair ~ 100% i believe, 16 inches, wavy) so I can curl it, straighten it, do what ever and I can be as flexible as i want in terms of partings and such. oo, oo, and do you know, I can even Shampoo them!! haha.

Extensions are lovely...they give your hair more body, volume and length...
...And of Course it looks Glamorous!

I feel like a Celebrity, hehe!!

So yeah...what do you think of it?
Have you had extensions in before?

Lemme know y'all! lol



suzannah said...

the look ever so lovely ♥

Rai said...

Looks cute!
I have, they are fun. =D
I think I'm going to make me some clip-ins.

Shirley! said...

@Suzannah ~ Thx honeyy!

@Rai ~ ooo clip ins...the're fun too! Ur gona make them?...POST about it!


beautifulnemo said...

You look so gorgeous with them♥.

I guess with my hair it's a bit difficult to do them:-p but I love yours :)

bubblegarm said...

it looks amazing :) xxx

Shirley! said...

@beautifulnemo ~ Thank youuuu! :D

@bubblegarm ~ Thank you sweety! xoxo

CocoBella said...

Looks fantastic!!!x

Shirley! said...

@CocoBella ~ Thanks doll! :) xoxo

VexInTheCity said...

They really suit you :-)

Shirley! said...

@VexInTheCityyyy ~ Thank yoouu! mwah! ♥

blkprincess87 said...

I get extensions all the time.....I just recently braided my hair....extensions give ur hair a break....it looks good = )

Shirley! said...

They do give it a break!
Thanks! :)

Toothfairynotes said...

They look good on you, very natural yet glamourous!

Have a great week!

Shirley! said...

Thank youu! Have a good one yourself!

courtney said...

OOOhhh loves it!! I have had extensions for a while and took em out for this month so i can get them all fresh and new for when school starts at the end of august. they look great!

Shirley! said...

Thanks courtney!
Yhh, there's nothing as great as having them freshly done!!


Patience said...

They look nice on you!

I had a sew-in a few weeks ago, took it out after only 3 days! Will put them back in tomorrow! (maybe) lol

Shirley! said...

Thx Patience!
yeahh put them bk! lol


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

I love experimenting with new looks and styles! Weaves can def give that flexibility. No shame in my game..It's so much fun.
(You look great by the way!)
I say, do whatever you gotta do to look fabulous for you!

~Nina of *AF*

Shirley! said...

Thank you! :)

362436 said...

It looks so good on you. I have not worn hair pieces in a while. I guess I am next to join you and BUBBLEGARM! SO GORG!

Shirley! said...

Thanks hun!
Yh go on, have it done! :D

fashionjunkiexx said...

those look gorgeous!
i had clip in extensions for a while untill the fact that they kept falling out drove me to glueing them in - bad ideaaa. I was still trying to get the glue off weeks after taking them out.

also, thanks for following my blog!


Ava's Wonderland said...

i luv you hair where did you get it done???
by the way you blog is soo cute!

Shirley! said...

Thank you.
I got it done in a salon in London!
Send me an e-mail if you want more dets! :)

Viva La Fashion said...

i think they look so pretty. :)

Shirley! said...

Thank yooooouu! :)

jo2jo2 said...

Hey Shirley!! I'm kinda new to your blog/youtube and just subscribed cuz your videos are sooo helpful!! lol.
I was wondering if you could help me out in terms of finding places that do weaves/braids, etc. REALLY well and uhh.. I'm tight on money so not overly expensive =/. My hairs nearly as long as yours [but so soo thin these days] but I'm thinking about transitioning it which means NO HEAT, NOT RELAXERS, NADA :| but that'll mean I'll be in n outta braids/weaves and such and it's OVERLY expensive down here :/ so any advice would be amazing!

Anyway keep doin what you do!!