Messin' around with Alan and Kezzie Wezzie & Funny Story.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Earlier on that evening...

Daddy had just loaded our accounts with our allowances and what did we do??

Yup..we went Shoppinggg!!!

Late night shopping on Oxford Street!
Gotta Love It!

Got some awesome stuff that will be featured in upcoming Fashion Look Posts!

I Love hanging out with these two...even though they drive me up the wall sometimes, they are incredibly hilarious!

Funny Story: When we got to Euston Station to change for the Victoria Line, The station operator announced the the escalators were out of order, so we began the long descent down to the platform (...bear in mind that we only had like 2 hours left till the shops closed and we wanted to make it time, to do enough browsing and hopefully buying).

There was this lady that was so slowww and as the story of our lives go, we happened to be right behind her. She had loads of bags and looked like she was struggling.

As we have been brought up to be helpful to others...we offered her some help...

What does she do?

She screams right back at us, saying, and i quote...

"Get your bloody hands of my things"!

Shocked at her response, we exchanged glances with everyone else on the escalator!

Kezia, as usual, bursts into hysterics and Alan and I just stand there looking at this woman
(No longer a Lady in my eyes!)

So we decided to just leave it..let her hurry up and get off, so we can go about our business.

As she was getting of the escalator, "BAM!"

She falls flat on her face and all of her damn bags she was trying to protect scatter all round!

What did every one do after the very loud "ahhhh"?

We started laughing, there were a few gasps and sighs but mostly laughter!

After a while we felt bad we helped her gather her "things" up!
We didn't even bother to wait and see if she was going to thank us!

Wow, she looked Stupid! Her conscience would prick her forever more!

Moral of the Story: Turn a blind eye to people in need! NO, I JOKE! Still help people anyway because your reward will come from a much higher place!


We finally got to the Shops, bought a few things and took pix afterwards! :)

Look at Alan lookin all geeky and Kezia, ever so gorgeous...she'll love that, lol!

Me texting...what i do best! lol
My Tops from H&M (£7.99) just in case you wondering! Bought it on the day, I couldn't resist, I had to wear it! :)

What an evening!
Have you ever had a similar experience?


VexInTheCity said...

LOL @ that idiot on the escalator. You lot are good, I'd have left her on the floor with her bags after her initial reaction!

I like that H&M top you bought, v. cute.

Shirley! said...

haha, Yinka...i trust you! My sister said the same thing, that we shud have left her there, lol!

Thank was a bargain!


Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

Haha that story is hilarious! Sometimes people are so ridiculous - you were just trying to help her! Jings. xo

Caramel Diva said...

You and your sister look just alike. I'm looking forward to your next posts!

I have never had a bad experience like this probably because I turn the blind eye lol

You guys have wonderful morals

sheri amor said...

haha I loled about that old lady.. haha XD although You had good intentions she bacame mad Lol

Shirley! said...

@Emma ~ I know right, just ridiculous! lol

@Caramel Diva ~ We do?? lol! haha @ "turnin the blind eye"

@sheri amor ~ She did...real mad! lol

Patience said...

Hahaha! Serves her right! That's karma right there! LOL

Your good for still helping!

Shirley! said...

That's right!
Karma IS a Bitch!

Ore* said...

That woman is so stupid!!!!
Looking good as always sweetie


Shirley! said...

She was a fool! lol
Aww, thx Ore!

withlove__starz said...

wow!!! i know she felt terribly bad after!! its great that yall could still be nice after her rudeness... btw.. love the extensions!!

Pinklemonade-xo said...

I loved reading that. Funny :) Had she accepted your help she might not have fallen over. Bam! She lost :P ah well.
Love you bubz :) xx

Shirley! said...

@withlove_starz ~ lol, she did! Thank you hun! xoxo

@Pinklemonade-xo ~ was soo funny! Love u 2 hun! xoxo

I BLEED PINK said...

All, I can say is Karma is a Bitch..stupid lady!! Love the new hair lady...Hotness!!

Shirley! said...

@I Bleed Pink ~ hahahaha!

Aww thank you darling!


EllaCinderella said...

hahahahah how funny, I would have left her lying on the floor in shame! Ahh I'm a nasty person lol!

Is your sister older or younger? You look so much alike WOW! :)

Loving the h&m top! xxxxxx

Shirley! said...

@Ella ~ lolololol! I kinda wish i did leave her, haha!

Yh I think we are beginning to look more alike!
Kezia only Just Turned 16 on the 4th...I KNOWW!
She is 3 Yrs my younger and she looks older than fair! lol

Thank you darling, trying to get into this 80s trend, hehe!


Hilary said...

i bought a sea foam green off the shoulder shirt from Nordstrom, just like your white one in the last picture from H&M. so stylish yet comfy!

I followed your blog when i co-authored for Seattle to San Francisco, but now I have a new solo blog-->
xoxo Hilary

Shirley! said...

Thanks Hilary! :)

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

Imo said...

Funny story, nice top

Love Kyei said...

haha!! she won't be so