A Modern take on the 80's - Balmain

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The era of the Baggy off-the-Shoulder top, jumpsuits, leggings and Shoulder pads has rapidly crept into trends of the NOW.

Well, I wasn't alive in the 80's but my mum was.
Having looked through some old photographs of her during that decade...i have noticed many similarities, in the way she dressed, with what i've seen around recently.
According to mama, that was a fun time for her.
Care free and upbeat.
She wasn't afraid to take risks and experiment.
I admire her for that.

One of my favourite designers at the moment for A/W 2009 is the divine Balmain.

The very vibrant blues, sequins and the attention drawn to the shoulders, that are very exisitent in the designs, is what has got me.

Gosh...I wish i could afford some of the stuff, but for now i'll be on the hunt for Dupes!

I mean, just check out the booties...

(Hint: Click on Photos to enlarge)

...Simply marvelous.



Ro! said...

I love Balmain!
I've seen lots of trickle-downs from the catwalk onto the high street! I don't know if I could pull off the whole big shoulders look though!
loving the blog btw :)

Shirley! said...

@Ro ~ yh same...i've seen a few! I'll try and see if i could, lol!

Aww thank u ma love!


Stephanie said...

Yes!!! I am LOVING Balmain's A/W collection too! I saw the collection in vogue last month and stuff the photos all over my wall lol! Structured tailoring + shoulderpads = fabulousness!

Shirley! said...

I'm definately with you Stephanie! x