MakeUp Look - Smoky Indigo.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Hint: Click to enlarge! :)

I created this look using the eyeshadow quad that was part of the maybelline goody bag we got last week!
 I absolutely Love it!

Smoky Indigo

Surprisingly it was quite pigmented and easily blended!
The step by step guide that is on the back of the palette is great for those who are not familiar with colour placement and or just starting out with makeup.

Brushes used (All Mac)

239 ~ Lid
217 ~ Crease & Outer corner
275 ~ Brow bone
219 ~ Line & deepen lower eye lid
224 ~ Blending!

I used the L'Oreal super liner, Gosh Blank Ink eye liner and the Collosal mascara.
I wore the Ambre Rose lipstick that i've been going on about since the day (..part of the new Colour Sensationel range of lipsticks) and glossed it over with the WaterShineGloss in Crystal Rocks!

Ambre Rose

Crystal Rocks

My face was the usual...MACs MSF foundation and Format blush! :)

I would definately recommend the eyeshadow quad and the Lippy!



VexInTheCity said...


Shirley! said...

Thanks Yinkaa! xx

blkprincess87 said...

I love it...I will be lookin for that lip color the next time I'm out

Leanne said...

Wow, Ambre Rose looks stunning on you! It doesn't look amazing on me 'cause it's quite similar to my natural lip colour haha.

I got the pink quad, and I gave my blue one to Yinka.. I'm regretting it now! Haha :) but tell me, what brushes did you use? 'cause when I gave the pink quad a go with my normal brushes I couldn't get any colour payoff. I spoke to someone else who went to the vent and she said try using the sponge applicator that came with it but I HATE sponge applicators! XD


Shirley! said...

@blk ~ you shud, its lovely! :)

@Leanne ~ I don't like sponge applicators either...should really have listed the brushes i used haha

All Mac

239 ~ Lid
217 ~ Crease & Outer corner
275 ~ Brow bone
219 ~ Line & deepen upper eye lid
224 ~ Blending!


jobetterdays said...

I got this too, I tried it yesterday and I was really surprised too!
Was nice to see you again, even if it was just a quick hello! x

Shirley! said...

@jobetterdays ~ i know...surprised me! Aww same here! x

Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

This look is gorgeous - you are so pretty :) xo

Shirley! said...

Aww thank you Emma! xx

bubblegarm said...

Shirls! oh my gawwwd u look hot, i totally dismissed that quad, im going to have to "test" it now :) and i LOVE ambre rose! xx

Leanne said...

Ahh man.. maybe I just lucked out with the pink quad then, the pigmentation in it is fail :(

Shirley! said...

Thx Muhsine! lol "Test" it! Ambre rose is gorj alie! xx

Patience said...

You rocked this something fierce gurl!! LOVE it!!

Shirley! said...

@Leanne ~ Aww just pack it on..hopefully that'll work! xx

Thx Patience! xx

BooJenkinson said...

Shirley why the hell are you so hot?! love your makeup here, and ambre rose looks MEGA on you! xx

Shirley! said...

haha, Thx Boo! "MEGA" lol xx

Vi and Ollie said...

That looks great! I have to say I am surprised myself with the quality of the Maybelline e/s, never really was a big fan. This just might've changed my opinion. Thanks for the post!

Hilary said...

gorgeous! :)

Shirley! said...

@Vi and Ollie ~ They are really ggod, do check them out! :) xx

@Hilary ~ Thx darl! xx

Emma said...

That looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't used the e/s quad we got yet but i will soon after seeing this xx

Doma-Nikki said...

Love this look chick! I was eyeing up the quad on sunday when i was on my lunch break at work (Boots) but i didnt buy it in the end, BUT.... i did get the maber rose lippy... lush :o)

Check out the 3for2 mix and match offer on cosmetics/haircare/skincare if you didnt already know x

Miss Rubber Ducky said...

Ooh gosh, you're right about the pigmentation of the eyeshadow! I won't ignore Maybelline eyeshadows now. Great look you created with it, I love it!

Shirley! said...

@Emma ~ Thx love! :D xx

@Domanique ~ Thank you sweets, ooo are they?? Cool thx for that! xx

@Miss Rubber Ducky ~ It is isnt it! Thank you so much hun!

Sharon said...

u look beautiful as always,me likey..those lippies r awesome