NOTM - Midnight Blue.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Edit: 3 days later...chip chip chippidy chip!

Oh Em Gee!
I love this nail varnish!
It's the Maybelline Forever Strong in Midngiht blue!
More Blue! hehe

Base Coat & Top Coat ~ Wet'n'Wild
One Coat of midnight blue

 I find that this colour is not as rude as black nail varnish. It is still as edgy, but with a bit more class, i think.

Apart from the strikingly beautiful colour, the texture is also very brilliant! I was able to apply it very easily, no mess no fuss.

It does say on the packaging that it lasts up to 7 days, so i'll update this post with more on that!

If you've ever tried it, what are your thoughts??
Or can you recommend a similar product/brand??

I'm now of to enjoy it and possibly record a video of stuff i've purchased recently! :D

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Jodie_ox said...

ooo, i just bought rimmel london nail varnish in the same colour as that in blue vogue! but it needs 2 coats, when i put the 1st coat i thought i made a mistake because it was a horrid blue but the second coat made it alot darker and the brush on it is the best!!!


Leanne said...

I LOVE it too! :D Been wearing it for 4 days now and there's a bit of tip wear but it's not chipped much at all. Not really noticeable :)

suzannah said...

oh, that colour looks so lovely, i think i may have to try some! ♥

Eliza said...

I haven't tried it but I think I will be purchasing that as soon as I can. Love dark blues. Got a Barry M one I adore but this looks amazing.


Vi and Ollie said...

Ooh, I love nail varnishes or us Americans call it, polishes. A personal favorite of ie is L'oreal in "Stroke of Midnight" 580. Love, love, love it! I can't bring myself to wear all black, this has the right amount of darkness (depending on how thick the coats are).

Jodie_ox said...

OMG thank you for following me :)

I BLEED PINK said...

I like that color. I wish I could get better about painting my nails.

kate:) said...

I awarded you! :)
So check er' out!
Hope you like it :)