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Monday, 9 November 2009

Plus one other i'm not to fond of, to be honest!
From L~R
Rimmel Rose Passion, MAC Chatterbox, 17 Honey Frost, GOSH Darling


Here's the Video!

Thanks for stopping by!

Shirley :)


Tali said...

Great vid hon! Your great on camera!!

Caramel Diva said...

pretty lipsticks!

Shirley said...

Thanks Tali! :D

@Caramel Diva ~ I know they are soo pretty! :)

Kay said...

oh, i just got the MAC Chatterbox today.. I didnt try it on though..

You made me feel so much better for considering it one of your faves.. I know i dint make a mistake buying it.. :)

hope u can include lipswatches :)

Ore.Runs said...

You look so stunning!


Vi and Ollie said...

Hey Shirley, good to see you're back. You look lovely as always. Anyway, I've stopped by to tell you that I've nominated you for an award, come have a look at my blog for more details! Keep it up!


Nicole said...

i love chatterbox! got it a couple months ago! i do the same thing and swipe on a lipgloss to tone it town during the day!

Selmyra said...

how did it happen that Im discovering your blog just now ? I really love it !!

*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

Great post hun, chatterbox looks gorgeous!


Shirley said...

Thank you so much girls! :) xx