MakeUp Tutorial - Mossy Greens

Saturday, 26 September 2009

After posting the Beauty Babble ~ MK Signature Eye Primer Video, I got quite a few comments and messages from people saying they really liked my make up look. 

 So, I re-created it today.
It is a very rich mossy green look that can be easily emulated, just find some greens you have and play around with them. 

 It's a great look for Autumn. :)



Here's a list of products i used:


Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC e/s in Humid
Barry M Dazzle Dust 79
L'Oreal Super Liner
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Gosh eye kohl in Black Ink
Brushes: MAC 217, 275


Elizabeth Arden Lipgloss in Soft Pink


MAC MSF Foundation
Elizabeth Arden Blush in Soft Pink
Brushes: MAC 129, 109 

Here's the Tutorial. Enjoy.


Kim Kardashian likes Goldmine too!

Monday, 21 September 2009

I came across this photo of Kimmie on her website and was instantly inspired to recreate the look. 

She writes on her website:

Post Title ~ Gold Shadows are heavenly

I am loving gold eye shadow right now! I think it can be perfect for the day time and then you can add some black eye liner and a darker shadow in the crease of the eye for a night time look. MAC has a great variety of golds! Goldmine eyeshadow is a true-gold color. It’s shimmery and frosty and everything I think gold should be...

After reading that and seeing the photograph, i just had to recreate the look!
This is what I came up with...

Goldmine e/s on the lid and Tempting e/s in the crease.

I agree with Kim.
It's a perfect look for daytime but could be dramatised with more eyeliner for the nightime.

Here's a list of what I used :~


MAC Goldmine e/s
MAC Tempting e/s
L'Oreal Super Liner
Lash Stiletto Mascara
Rimmel Kohl eye liner in Jet black and Pure white


Gosh Darling
Gosh Lip Gloss in 003


MAC MSF Foundation
MAC Format Blush

Let me know what you think. :)


Clothing & Accessories Haul!

Here are just a few things i've purchased in the last couple of weeks for my autumn/winter wardrobe. A few other things are mentioned in the video!
I assure you, there is more to come, lol!


 from Primark...

Some lovely Pearl-like jewellery...
(£3 ea)

Cute bag!


Boyfriend Blazer (£30 £20) from New Look

Cami (£5) and High Wasted Skirt (£8) from H&M

Cocktail Dress from a Boutique
(Outside Bayswater Stn.)

Here's the Video.
Enjoy! :)


NOTM - Midnight Blue.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Edit: 3 days later...chip chip chippidy chip!

Oh Em Gee!
I love this nail varnish!
It's the Maybelline Forever Strong in Midngiht blue!
More Blue! hehe

Base Coat & Top Coat ~ Wet'n'Wild
One Coat of midnight blue

 I find that this colour is not as rude as black nail varnish. It is still as edgy, but with a bit more class, i think.

Apart from the strikingly beautiful colour, the texture is also very brilliant! I was able to apply it very easily, no mess no fuss.

It does say on the packaging that it lasts up to 7 days, so i'll update this post with more on that!

If you've ever tried it, what are your thoughts??
Or can you recommend a similar product/brand??

I'm now of to enjoy it and possibly record a video of stuff i've purchased recently! :D

Thanks so much for stopping by!


MakeUp Look - Smoky Indigo.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Hint: Click to enlarge! :)

I created this look using the eyeshadow quad that was part of the maybelline goody bag we got last week!
 I absolutely Love it!

Smoky Indigo

Surprisingly it was quite pigmented and easily blended!
The step by step guide that is on the back of the palette is great for those who are not familiar with colour placement and or just starting out with makeup.

Brushes used (All Mac)

239 ~ Lid
217 ~ Crease & Outer corner
275 ~ Brow bone
219 ~ Line & deepen lower eye lid
224 ~ Blending!

I used the L'Oreal super liner, Gosh Blank Ink eye liner and the Collosal mascara.
I wore the Ambre Rose lipstick that i've been going on about since the day (..part of the new Colour Sensationel range of lipsticks) and glossed it over with the WaterShineGloss in Crystal Rocks!

Ambre Rose

Crystal Rocks

My face was the usual...MACs MSF foundation and Format blush! :)

I would definately recommend the eyeshadow quad and the Lippy!



Last Thursday, myself and a bunch of other beauty bloggers made our way down to the L'Oreal HQ in Hammersmith to attend the Maybelline event that was much anticipated by us all (...judging by all the posts, tweets and convos leading up to it! haha!)

The afternoon began with me meeting up with Sophie and Zoe. We then went off to Selfridges. The girlies bought some stuff while i just looked around...(Mum and Dad don't want to see another makeup purchase for a while, as i'm meant to be saving up for Uni!! :/). 
Anyhoo the window shopping and swatchomania was really fun.

Here's a pic i took of them with the Manager of the Illa Counter...

While waiting for Vicky...I asked the a Newspaper vendor to take a picture of Zoe and I. How I know he was definately watching us before I even asked him to take the pic, was he asked where our friend was...(Sophie, who was gone for a moment to grab a drink.)

The "flirty bugger" like Zoe said, then asked me for my name...knowing where this was going I just blurted out the first name that came to mind, which was "Lassie"!!

(Reason: I had previously seen a dog that reminded me of Lassie, as in the movie with the dog! LOL!)
I ended the convo there, by walking off with Zoe...! lol

That was funny, we laughed for ages afterwards!

Vicky arrived and then we caught the train that Muhsine and Olivia coincidently were on!

When we finally got to L'Oreal HQ we where welcomed by Natalie Kitcher who then guided us to a Conference room filled with Lovely Sandwiches, Soft drinks and PERCY PIGS my fave! :)

The presentations were very informational and the story of how Maybelline started was oh so lovely!

We all had a really good time and were sent home with Two goody bags packed full of samples from their current products as well as the new Pulse perfection Vibrating mascara and a wide variety of the new Colour Sensationel Lipsticks! Awesomenessss!

Another great event that i'm incredibly happy to have been a part of!
Thank you to the organisers! :)

Click Here for more Pix from the event!

The Goodies...

I'll be reviewing the products, so keep your eyes peeled for posts.

The day ended with a stop at Primark. I bought a few things that I will be showing later! :)

Thanks for stopping by!



Sunday, 6 September 2009

Illamasqua's New Collection Preview Event

So i'm sure you've already come across a few posts about the above subject!
Yes...! Last Thursday an event was held by Illamasqua to unveil their new collection Dystopia! Now when i tell you that I absolutely Love this collection...I'm being serious!

Just waiting for Pay day...then i'm off to treat myself to a few things!

I need in my Life:-
~ Shadow Palette in Purple
~ Android Pigment

That evening I met up with a few beauty bloggers at Leicester Square, where we began our journey to the Restaurant/Hotel/Bar in Soho, where the event was held!

We were kindly welcomed by Alex Cummins (Who I have to thank a great deal for putting the event together) and were served some drinks and appetisers at the reception.

Sophie, Me, Zoe and Louise
This Photo: Courtesy of Vex In The City

Nic & Sam (Pixiwoo) and I

Tali and I.

The wonderful Artistic Director Alex Box showed us some magic as she did a demo on Lydia.
It was brilliant!
She is extremely talented!

During the Demo she explained the concept behind the collection...

Where the dark meets the light. Monochrome shades build and blend, brought alive by flashes of intense pink and lurid purple, while dazzling pigments, metallic textures and iridescent finishes all add to the drama of this strikingly uncompromising look. As the nights grow longer, bring your alter ego out of the shadows and illuminate your individuality.

We were able to swatch a few of the products in the new collection and they kindly gave us Two items of our own (...although, some people deemed it neccessary to nick stuff...! Didn't your mama teach you better?? The Drama on Twitter was oh so hilarious!) and an envelope with £20 to cover all travel costs. How generous!

Anyway, I got the Static Pigment and a black eyeshadow that Nic (Pixiwoo) kindly agreed to swap for a Pink Lippy (..that I had tried on earlier and was wishing would be in my goody bag! lol)

Afterwards Richie, Pixiwoo, Gale, Pandalovesmakeup and I headed for drinks! That was fun...Richie has some footage in his vid!

We then made a last minute stop at Westfield and did a little bit of shopping...haul soonly!

All in all, the event was fab and i totally enjoyed myself. I was able to put voices to tweets and also meet the fabulous bloggers i've been following for ages!

Met new ones too! :)

Here's My Vlog...

Hope everyone had a great time regardless, and a great Big Thank you to team at Illamasqua for holding this event and to Mizz Worthy for letting us all know about it on Twitter!

Feel free to take the pictures...but i'm sure you already know to credit the owner...right? good!