Sunday, 29 November 2009

Fashion Look - My Boyfriend Blazer.

I woke up this morning with an idea of the outfit I wanted to rock, already in my head.
Does anyone ever get that??

 I knew I wanted to wear my bf blazer.

 Blazers are really trending now and what I love about them is the way you can switch them up to suit any occasion.

During the day it could be worn with leggings/jeans and a tank (like what i've done today) for a trip to the mall or to the cinema with some friends or alternatively at night over a lovely dress (Post of that soon come!) to a party.

It has become quite chilly so I opted for my black booties that I got from Primark last year.

I kept the accesories simple (chain headband and dangly earings) because I wanted my bold red lip (Rimmel's Rose Passion) to do the talking!

...and  here's the video.


Friday, 27 November 2009

Skin & Hair Update (Basic Stuff!). :)

Hey my lovelies.
I hope everyone is having a superb evening! I know i am.
I'm just catching up on this weeks T.V. thanks to On Demand. :D

Anyhoo, i've recieved a lot of messages, comments and tweets requesting me to do a skin and hair update, so i decided to do it.

For my skin, i've stuck to using the brand Simple and my trusted Panoxyl acne gel. Some days I do my mini facials or exfoliate...all depends on how i feel.

Simple Facial wash, Toner and Moisturiser + Panoxyl acne gel.

As for my hair, i've been doing most things myself, but i've left chemical treatments and cutting/trimming to my stylist in London! :)

Dove Shampoo, KeraCare Humecto Condtioner, KeraCare Silken Seal (serum) and ORS Olive Oil moisturiser.

Here's me babbling on about all of it!


Monday, 9 November 2009

Beauty Babble - My Favourite Lippys!

Plus one other i'm not to fond of, to be honest!
From L~R
Rimmel Rose Passion, MAC Chatterbox, 17 Honey Frost, GOSH Darling


Here's the Video!

Thanks for stopping by!

Shirley :)