All About Face Make-Up Brush Set.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

So i've finally given in and tried out my Make-up brushes that I recieved as a gift from my lovely housemate! 

Would you believe me if I told you, I stared at the beautiful white bristles for ages before i took the plunge, and used it?? Haha, Sad I know!

I did a little research and discovered that they were actually part of the Holiday Gift Range that Tesco brought out late last year, and they were on sale for only £6! Now that is awesome, given that these brushes are of very good quality!

The set comes with Six brushes encased in a very fetching silver brush holder:

1. Powder brush
2. Blush brush
3. Eyeshadow brush
4. Angled eyeliner brush
5. Sponge tip applicator
6. Lip brush

The Powder and Blush brushes are Excellent. They feel soo soft on the skin and pick/apply the product very well! The eyeshadow brush on the other hand, i found quite stiff. It's no Mac 239 though! Perhaps it would be of better use with concealer rather than eyeshadow application. The Angled, sponge (great for my Sleek shadows!) and lip brush were all as good as my others.

Here are photographs I took of them, on the first day I got the set...when they were all nice and new and clean haha:

I've tried them and come to the conclusion that the set is worth every penny. Very good quality brushes, but at the small price of 6 quid!

An Inexpesnive Brush Set...great for those starting out with make-up, or for those who just want pretty brushes to add to their existing collection! :)

I do hope that Tesco still has them, and if not they should bring them back next holiday season!



Krystle said...

Beautiful brushes girl! I wouldn't even want to dirty them up once I got them, haha!

Jerrys Lane said...

they look too good to be used lol!!

Shirley said...

@Krystle: Lol, thank Goodness someone knows how i feel!

@Jerrys Lane: I know!


mizzworthy said...

such a great set for the price... for £6 I'd buy one to use and get dirty, and one to admire and stroke! xxx

juicy j said...

they really are white and beautiful!
i need a set like that badly!

Shirley said...

@mizzworthy: haha, truee, i would so do that! lol xx

@juicy j: I know right! xx

Katie Hayward said...


Just to let you know, I've tagged you to do the haute mess award :D

Lots of love,

Beuty boutique said...

I have red your blog that I discovered recently and the brushes look very good.....where I can get these.....If you can sent me link or some information...thanks very much look very lovely.....