Tuesday, 20 April 2010

"Talk with your hands and make a statement."

Force, Illamasqua. (£13.00)

I was very excited when I received the nail varnishes - as you probably already know if you watched this Video - because I really wanted to try them out!

I absolutely love this colour. The texture of the varnish was smooth and easy to apply and with just two coats, i'm amazed at the intensity of the colour!

(I used a generic Nail Base coat.)

My Ratings:

Product: ★★★★★
Price: ★★★★
Packaging: ★★★★★
Quality: ★★★★★

What do you think?



VexintheCity said...

So bright! Nice.

Shirley said...

Haha it is! Thanks for you comment hun! :D x

Ore.R said...

That colour is so hot, love it!


Shirley said...

Thanks Ore. x