Thursday, 22 April 2010

Hello My Sweetys!

I was kindly invited to the Press Release (Launch) of the New TOPSHOP Makeup. TOPSHOP is one of my favourite clothing stores so when the opportunity arose to attend the Launch, I was very excited as I wanted to learn more about the upcoming Makeup collection.

The collection was created in partnership with Top makeup artist Hannah Murray, very well known artist for her work on the catwalks of Top London Fashion Houses. It is a collection that at the moment consists of a CORE range and SPRING/SUMMER 2010 range.


This range includes an array of 97 makeup products, from blushers to bronzers, lip balms to glosses, eye kohls to shadows, with price ranging from £4 to £12. I swatched some of the products and the one that instantly stood out to me were the Blushes. They had six different shades. When applied it looked sheer but had a buildable quality about them.

Available from MAY 2010
Price Range £4 - £12


The packaging of this range is just 'to die for' as you can probably tell from the photograph below! My favourite in this range was the shadestick-like 'Crayon'. So smoothly applied and highly pigmented. There are 18 other pieces all in the £5 to £15 price range.

Available from MAY 2010
Price Range £5 - £15

Behind the Scenes at Photoshoot (Images Courtesy of Inside-Out)

I don't know if you can tell by now, but I am sooooo very excited for this collection to come out! It's available from May in Select stores and Online. Can't wait to splurge!

Here are some other photographs of the day I spent with Sammi (BeautyCrush)...

Red Velvet Cupcakes from LOLA's at Selfridges...AMAZING!

Ice Choccie!


"1.2. Ready!?" LMAO!

We then went of to Harrods and Purchased some NYX, yes NYX, and MAC stuffs! Post on that Later! :)

Here's Some Footage from the Event! :)



legseleven7 said...

Awww, cute post hunni. Glad you had fun! I need that make up,lol

Shirley said...

Aww thanks hun! hehe! Mee too! :D xx

Get Gawjus! said...

hmm sounds tempting and the packaging is uber cute! you gurls look so pretty :)

Shirley said...

Haha! Thank you! :) x

MW said...

i love the packaging,very pretty!
love your makeup -soft & pretty

Beauty and the blog said...

Great post,nice meeting you yest,I was just about to say,I did not see those cupcakes there lol.I need some of those cream blushes.Im going to add you on twitter.x

Shirley said...

@MW: Thanks darl!

@B&TB: Lovely to meet you too hun! I'll add you too! :) x

x.abigail said...

I'm sooo jealousss!!!
Been waiting for this collection to come out for aaages, I'm excited to buy some prodcuts.