A spot of Retail Therapy.

Friday, 28 May 2010

What better way to treat myself after a gruelling Two hours and Ten minutes of Pure Mathematics eh?

I had my Algebra Exam today ...One word. Dreadful.
It was pretty tough, and I found it a lot more challenging than the other exams that i've had so far! 
I'm just hoping that I did okay, but I know I'm going to have to work my butt off to do very well in the exams I have left...just to balance things!

Anyhoozles, to cheer myself up, I went into town for some frappuccino and a spot of retail therapy!
I initially just wanted to pick up some false eyelashes and glue, but as usual I couldn't resist, I just had to shop.
...afterall, I deserved to.

Here are the things I hauled!! :)


Get-Away Bronze.
A shimmery light bronze blush from MACs new To The Beach Collection. Laaaarvly!

The Queen of all eyelash glues! Spoken about and used in so many YouTube Videos and Blogposts... hard to believe I've only just acquired a Tube!
Duo Eyelash Adhesive. 
Thanks to my lovely Dolls on Twitter for directing me to where I could purchase it! :)

Up until now i've been using one by Claire's, but I needed a change!

I also bought a pair of bargain lashes from Wilko!



When I saw this Tiger top, I instantly thought of Sammi Maria! It's just so her style. Hehe! 
I love the the gold, black and cream combo! I just had to get it!
On my way up to Cash &Wrap I spotted this cute black clutch with a chain handle and a gold set of bangles!

How awesome are the studded shoulders??

I also bought three pretty dresses to add to my Summer Wardrobe!

A Coral Grecian style One Shoulder.

A lovely Blue and Mint Green Beach dress.

and a Vintage looking Polka Dot Boob Tube Mini, with gold buttons!

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go Shopping!" 
Bo Derek.



Superficialgirl said...

Ohhhh i love the polka dot and the coral dress!!! Soooo pretty! x

Shirley said...

Hehe! Thanks honey! Can't wait to rock them! :D x

*LilBiuty* said...

Ah that quote is so right! lol
I love the dresses and seeing the MAC blusher on your skin makes me want to go and grab it!!!
I know you love you accessories and I just saw that Asos had a lot of accessories on clearance! Definitely worth a look!

Stevie Georgina said...

the polka dot dress is gorgeous and that blusher looks like it will look stunning :) x

Sarai said...

great haul-love the dresses!

Sammi said...

Lovee the top hehe! Also the bronzer looks gorgeouss!! xxx

Shirley said...

@*LilBiuty*: Oo thanks for that! Will have a look on their website now! x

@Stevie Georgina: Thank you! :D

@Sarai: Thanks! :)

@Sammi: Hehe! Yay! I'm wearing the bronzer/blush today! It is so lovely! :D xx

MW said...

I love everything !! The dresses makes me want to start my summer shopping -kute!! I don't know what I'm waiting for lol

Shirley said...

@MW: Starttt! Hehe! I love summer shopping! :D x

Deeliciouz said...

i adore the polka dot mini...how much was dat???

Shirley said...

@Deeliciouz: It's so cute!! It was only £5!! I knowww! Lol! x

Amandita said...

The polka dot dreess is adorable, nice haul

Nicole said...

i love the coral dress!
i went to check out the to the beach collection with intentions of buying get - away bronze blush but when i swatched it i found it did not blend well at all and looked dirty on my skin :(

Shirley said...

@Amandita: Thank you! :)

@Nicole: O really? I wonder why that is! I'm wearing it today, and its just gorj! Did you try out the other blush they came out with? Perhaps it is a better suit for your skintone! :) x

Southerners from the North said...

love the dresses. they are so pretty. especially the polka dot dress.


Deeliciouz said...