A Very Summery Outfit of the Day! :)

Monday, 24 May 2010

The weather has been very lovely these past few days, and I've been taking advantage of it! It's not very often we get to enjoy such temperatures here in Britain, so we have to make the most of it while it's here!

I've had my Gap Maxi Dress for Two years, and I fancied a bit of a change, so I snipped off a few inches and turned it into a cute flowy mini dress! I paired it with my Gladiator wedges, and to finish of the look, I accessorized the whole outfit with a brown waist belt and some pearly jewellery!

Below is the bag I'll be carrying today! It's a brown leather Tote from Faith! I've had this bag for a while, but recently Faith went into administration! Womp! Womp! Lol!

Dress ~ Gap
Vest ~H&M
Belt ~ H&M
Wedges ~ Primark
Jewellery ~ Primark
Bag ~ Faith

Here's the Video, I hope you like! :)



danai55 said...

i love the way u put together your outfits so classy...i wear my dresses like dat too putting on a vest underneath :) u gotta love primani-those sandals are gorg

Shirley said...

Thanks Danai! Haha, gotta love it!! :D x

suzannah said...

Oh, your outfits always look so lovely, Shirley! I adore the wedges, I think that I may have to buy some of those too.

p.s. I love the bible verse on the right side, I've wrote it down :) <3

Shirley said...

Thank you Suzannah! Ah yes, it's my favourite Bible Verse! :) x

MW said...

u look super kute and i love those shoes

J said...

Gorgeous x

Shirley said...

Thanks girlies! :) x

tina_mbc said...

Very summery and cute hun! :)


Kerry said...

gorgeous dress! xx

Shirley said...

Aww thanks dolls! :D xx

Yourz Truly Jess said...

you look gorgeous as always hun! Love ur outfit!

I tagged u in a post on my blog check it out :)

Sharon said...

love e outfit,u look amazing

shirley105 said...

Hey Shirley, What makeup products are you wearing on this picture. It seems bright, natural, and beautiful. I wanted to recreat the look on myself.

shirley105 said...

Hey Shirley,
I love that look. What makeup products did you use to accomplish it. So natural, flirty, and summery