Rainforest Moisture. :)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Whenever I want to invest in a new hair product, I always look for products with moisturising agents, because I believe moisture is the key to keeping my hair healthy. I was given the opportunity to try out the New Rainforest Hair Range by The Body Shop...

~ Moisture for Dry Hair ~
~ Shine for Normal to Dry Hair ~
~ Balance for Oily Hair ~
~ Radiance for Coloured Hair ~

I opted for a range that would cater best for my hair needs (...and wants!).
 They kindly sent me the Rainforest Moisture Range ...The Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Butter! I've used the shampoo with my last two washes, the conditioner with the first of those, and the butter with the second.

The Shampoo
(From £2.00)

On the Box:
"Gently cleanses to moisturise and improve the hair's softness without weighing it down, for a smooth and shiny finish."

First off I have to say, I love the smell of this range! 
I'm not one to fuss over shampoos, as I generally just grab any at hand, but I do like the shampoo! It does what it says on the box.

The Conditioner
(From £2.00)

On the Box:
"Conditions to moisturise and improve the hair's softness without weighing it down, for a smooth and shiny finish."

I did find it slightly tough combing through my hair when I had the conditioner in (..as compared to when I use my Humecto by KeraCare), but it did leave my hair with a shine!

The Hair Butter
(From £3.00)

On the Box:
"Luxuriously rich and intensive conditioning treatment for soft, smooth, glossy and tangle-free hair."

I was quite excited to try out the Hair Butter, as their Body Butters are simply divine! It did a good job at conditioning and left my hair feeling ever so soft and shiney! (I left it on for about 10 minutes.)


I think it's a good range, certainly pocket friendly. Oh and Eco friendly too! *Thumbs Up* from me! :D
I might just replenish the Shampoo and Hair Butter when I'm all out!

What do you look for when buying hair products?



Beth. said...

I tend to look for moisturising products too, I can't stand it when my hair looks/feels dry!! Definitely going to have to check out the hair butter :)
- Beth x

Stephanie said...

oooh I saw this when I went into the Body Shop this morning! I may get the shampoo...mmm.

I have quite dry hair so I always look for moisturizing products too. I mostly aim to go for products that contain either Coconut and/or avacados too as they are brilliant for replenishing moisture and hair strength!

Kearea' said...

i love the new color scheme! i look for products that are organic, that dont have too much protein cuz that dries my hair, that enhance curly hair, and that dont have too much fragrance

Shirley said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! :) x

MediterraneanX said...

Those prices seem so cheap! I tried a sample of the rainforest hair butter and it smells AMAZING!