Back to School.

Friday, 3 September 2010


Well, not me's my younger siblings (and the rest of England) that are back to school.

This is sort of a back to school outfit, hopefully inspiration for those lovelies who are allowed to wear their own clothes to school! A simple pair of jeans and a plain white tee can never go wrong. Paired with different accessories and other pieces, you can constantly switch it up for every day of the week!

Here I've accesorised it with a thin waist belt, some leopard print pumps and a mustard cardi.

Jeans : Gap
Tee : Gap
Cardi : Gap
Belt : Primark
Pumps : Primark
Messenger Bag : Primark
Accesories : Topshop & Primark

I hope you like it!


**A little disclaimerwaimer: I work part time at Gap, so I receive Staff discounts (...Of how much i'm not to disclose on a public platform, such as this), but this doesn't affect my choices, as I buy what I like and what suits my taste. :)


Sharon said...

u look beautiful&gorj as it

Shirley said...

Thanks Sharon darling! Enjoy your weekend! :D x

FaithLeah said...

love this its super cute:)

Superficialgirl said...

Love everything! the photo of you on the bench is STUNNING! :) x

beautyandthebeast said...

That first picture of you is so gorgeous :)

Ulaaa said...

You look beautiful! Love the outfit! xxx

Amina said...

what camera do you use? the quality of your pictures are amazing!

Lansky said...

Love it :D !!!!!


sian l-b said...

really cute outfit :) i love the bag!! xx

Debby said...

You look sooo goood!! Love the outfit!
xoxo Debby

tina_mbc said...

Looking lovely as always ma dear! :)))


Niika said...


Amandita said...

Nice outfit... loving the cardigan =)

PanDora said...

Hey,Shirley! Really tasteful and pretty outfit!:) I just wanted to know what camera do you use..because the pictures are so great and I'm looking for a good camera. Thanks!

Meya said...

I love the shoes!!! well just the whole outfit in general!! <3

Huda said...

you guys in the UK have lucked out when it comes to fashion shopping. Here in Canada, it just sucks when it comes to varieties and good options except in Montreal and maybe Vancouver. I love visiting family in London or Liverpool just for the shopping @ TopShop, Primark, ASOS and Warehouse.

**OnYxStA** said...

cute post...reminds me of an american high school movie :)
very preppy