Shirley's Top 5 : Blushes

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Blush is the easiest way to bring a healthy, natural looking glow to one's skin and applying it is also very easy!
There are lots of different kinds, from powdered (which can be applied by lightly sweeping it across your cheeks with a brush) to cream blushes (dotted on your cheeks then blended in with a brush or even your fingers!).

Today I'll be sharing with you my top 5...


MAC : Peaches... a sheertone peach blush which is easy to apply. It's very natural looking, and makes my skin look like it's glowing from within. It goes so well with blue eyeshadow too!
Great for medium to light skintones!

MAC : Plum Foolery... slightly on the shimmery side, but gives off a nice glow.
I think this works well with all skin-tones!

Topshop : Neon Rose... a cream to powder blush that I like to pop on when I don't have any foundation on. I have oily skin, but I still like using cream blushes. The "to powder" bit really helps, as it gives a matte finish!
Can also be used as a base for powder blushes, oh and it's a gorgeous lip colour too!


Sleek : Flushed... a matte blush with a plummy undertone. One sweep is all I need for my cheeks to look lush!
Very flattering on darker skin tones too!

The Body Shop : Coral... a shimmery two-toned blush that can be used to summerize one's skin!


(*Note* Heavily swatched! Lol!)

From Left to Right : Flushed, Plum Foolery, Neon Rose, Peaches, Coral


Tips & Tricks:

1. Lightly pinch your cheeks, and the colour that appears can be used as a guide to picking a blush colour!

2. When using Powder blush, always keep it in one direction, or else you're prone to streaking!

3. Liquid and Cream blushes are better applied before powder.

What are your top five blushes or do you have any reccomendations, tips or tricks?
Please do share! :D


**PS : I intend to turn this into a series of posts/videos, where I'll talk about my top 5 items... of either makeup, fashion, and whatever may be of interest to me... Yes? lol! x


Kaushal said...

Love the Topshop blush... I might have to get me some! :)

Get Gawjus! said...

gorgeous blushes! I wana try the Sleek one now :)

Simply Naturale said...

Great picks hun, quick question whta do you use to edit your photos?

Great post i have plum foolery and it is such a gorgeous colour on all complexions (:

Eloise xoxo

une tasse said...

I'm obsessed with blushes and Peaches is definitely on my to buy list. Thank you for the swatches x

Irene ♥ said...

what a nice post shirley!i'm popping that neon rose blush on my wishlist,you've tempted me too badly hehe! :)

Henessy said...

The MAC Peaches and plum look very nice, might have to swatch them the next time im at MAC. P.S. yes continue doing your top 5 items x

mw said...

sleek's flushed looks pretty and that top shop one!

glamour rouge said...

Gorgeous colours, love the sleek one and the body shop one :)

Jinz said...

I absolutely love Flushed! Got it recently and it's amazing!

Stephanie said...

Sleek's Flushed is GORGEOUS. I have that too and it gives an amazing finish!

I love MAC's Ambering Rose as well..Rosey/Plummy with a sheer shimmery's gorgeous when teamed with smokey eyes

DesignerSpray said...

Those are some seriously gorgeous shades there! I have pretty oily skin too, but would be interested to see how the Topshop oone would look on moi. xx

Sharon said...

Great post&I like ur top5. Mine is as follows

Nars Taj Mahal
Mac Plum foolery
Mac Breezy
Barry M no4 blush think its called Rasberry
&Too faced pink provocateur blush

socialitedreams said...

I love MAC format, Nars Taj Mahal, and Nars Taos! they all serve great purpose

Kearea' said...

i will have to try that neon rose. it looks rich and abs gorg

Wande's World said...

Love Mac Peaches, looks great, but not so great on me :(

Exellent choice!!

rooftops said...

Love this post and love the idea of a Top 5 series!

I always wear gel blushes like Origins' Pinch Your Cheeks because they stay put matter whether I'm rock climbing or falling asleep on the couch and rubbing my face against a pillow.
I also love layering them under bronzer, it just looks so natural and healthy!
On my wishlist: Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Raspberry

Shwanna said...

I like flushed by Sleek. I think it would look better with my skintone, but I like the neon rose too it just seems like it might be too bright for my complexion. Any who I like your choices.

Shirley said...

Thanks for all your comments/suggestions loves! :) x

Lansky said...

I just use Fever Matte of MAC it's great ! My skin tones is deep dark soo it work well for me. :)


YES YOU, CLICK HERE :) said...

They are all gorgeous !

tina_mbc said...

Lately I 've been LOVING Coral and Peaches is one I 'd love to try!
Great top 5 girl! :)


Alexandra said...

Oooh, love those colours! I'm going to have to hop on over to MAC to check them out!

Diva_Beaute said...

I think I will try the Plum Foolery one. I think its the best out of the selection that would go with my skin tone. Thanks Shirley

Kerissa said...

You and your readers will probably laugh but I only own 5 blushes. I plan to order Nars Taj Mahal Friday since I've been looking for it at Sephora for months and just found out they will no longer carry it (bummer). I do like MACs plum foolery. Again I am repeating in my head no purchasing makeup...losing the battle, lolol!