Antiqued Eyes.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Antiqued is one of my favourite eyeshadows by MAC. It's a bronzy ash brown with a bit of a maroony wine undertone (hope that makes sense lol)! During the day I like to wear it with a peachy cheek and lip, and at night time amp it up with a deep plum lip shade!


Today I filmed a Tutorial for the day-time look...

Here's a list of the products I used...


Set : Speed Brow (Benefit) LOVE THIS!!
Fill : Cork
Brushes : 266 (MAC)


Primer : Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Base : Painterly (MAC)
Lid : Antiqued (MAC)
Crease : Cork (MAC)
Upper Lash Line : Blacktrack (MAC)
Lashes : Collosal (Maybelline)
Waterline : Smolder (MAC)
Falsies : GA Lashes (Nicola)
Brushes : 239, 217 (MAC), Line brush (Sleek Pro)


Base : Carmex
Lipstick : Shy Girl (MAC)
Lipgloss : Passing Fancy (MAC)
Brushes : Lip brush (Sleek Pro)


Foundation : Face & Body C7 (MAC)
Concealer : Studio Finish Concealer NC45 (MAC)
Powder : MSF Natural Dark (MAC)
Blush : Peaches (MAC)
Brushes : Powder brush (Sleek Pro), 187, 224 (MAC), Blush brush (Sleek Pro)


My sister Kezia likes Antiqued too!! Hehe!
She'll kill me once she finds this picture is up, she doesn't like to be taken off guard,  but I like pictures like these! :)


What are your favourite MAC Eyeshadows? Do share! :)



esteeem said...

this is a lovely neutral look! something about yo reminds me of nia long... gorgeous! <3

thomessa said...

Your skin is so pretty! Love this tutorial, I want to try something like this! And I like how the false lashes look really elegant and wearable.

Kristina said...

WOW sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo PRETTY :D :D


Sia said...

Love,love,love this look!! I'm defo doing it to work tomorrow. Thanks for shearing, love Siax

Tanisa O Rossi said...

So pretty! I love it :)

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

Gorgeous Shirley!! :D

Kaushal xx

Promise said...

Love this look, gorgeous as always....just started my own blog:
been checking up on your videos and blog since summer and beyond that I think. I love the layout of your blog, especially the photography.


Get Gawjus! said...

your eyes are soo pretty! You make me want to get this shadow *jots it down in wishlist*

Dreadedbeauti said...

i love de-vil from the venomous villians collection from disney!

Jennifer Leigh said...

wow, you're gorgeous!

Anne said...


Hermine said...

This tute is right up my alley, i love a really simple look. Thanks a lot :)

xoxo Hermine

abby said...

Antiqued has now been moved up my wishlist :) you wear it so well lovely xx

Doma-Nikki said...

I used to have this eyeshadow and loved it!! x

My Bestfriend's Little Sister(MBLS) said...

It's gorgeous! Do you think it would have the same effect on slightly darker skin?

HAND MADE said...

you have realy amazing eyes... :)

Shirley said...

Thanks ladies!! ^.^ xx

@MBLS : Have a look at the photo I just inserted of my sister, she's darker than I am, and it suits her so well! :) xx

Sher said...

very pretty,I love it

Solveig Emilie said...

Awww så cute and beautiful! :-)


martienna said...

hi ; *
UR blog is really amazing ! :D
i like it !
more !

if U want follow me and write comment ;*

Nina Ubhi said...

Love the colour!x

Yourz Truly Jess said...

I've been gone for a while and neglected keeping up with my lovely blog beauties! I love the simplicity of this look and I wish I had your eye shape. lol

Desiree Love said...

I love your blog...
Must buy antiqued,
More tutorials please!
I have a new found love for make up.

Henessy said...

This is such lovely natural look on you, and your skin is flawless xx

YupGotARetroSoul said...

You and your sister are such pretty girls!!!!

transitionista said...

I love all your make p ideas and want to try more on myself, but I am always rushing for school and long does that usually take you?

Shirley said...

Thanks for your comments ladies!!

@transitionista : It really depends on the time of day, what i'm doing etc! On average about 10-12 mins!

abiola said...

Hi Shirley!

Well I hope you're happy!

I saw this post, went out on th lunchbreak and bought this eyeshadow :-) looks fab on you!


vivalaqbee03 said...

I adore this look !!!!! Very chic !!!!

TheRitaWay said...

This is sooo beautiful! Your skin looks fantastic and so clear as well. I just got Antiqued!

Chelsea said...

Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe are my total favorites :) They go amazing together (as well as with other colors). Naked Lunch is a total staple in my make-up diet, so to say!

I also have a brand new silvery blue one, but I forget the name ^_^ Also works really well with both of the colors I mentioned above.

Bamboo is another one of my favorites.


danysedai said...

Hi!I just got this one after looking at your tutorial but even though I'm (I think) about your skin tone -NC45 in Mac, 173 in MUFE- antiqued is not showing on my skin as clearly coppperish reddish as in yours!what am I doing wrong?