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Sunday, 17 April 2011

(Makeup Tutorial)

So after my brief hiatus from ze whole beauty side of things (purely because I haven't been that creative with my makeup, just boring old eyeliner and a lip color) I decided to get back into the swing of things! I filmed this Summer inspired makeup tutorial, with quite a few peachy and orangey toned products! It's still very much wearable, I think! I'm excited to see what other looks I come up with, using this palette and a few other goodies in my makeup collection! :) ...xo

Products used...


Foundation : Sleek New Skin Revive, Creme Caramel
Concealer : MAC Studio Finish, NC45
Powder : MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, Dark
Contour, Blush, Highlight : MAC Wonderwoman Golden Lariat (LE)


Primer : Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Lid : Persian Orange (Sleek Avoir La Peche Paraguaya Palette)
Crease : Persimmon (")
Outer Corner : Stone (")
Browbone : Sandstone (")
Water Line : MAC Smolder
Lash Line : Maybelline Fluid Liner
Lashes : L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes
(Ended up skipping the falsies today!)
Brows : MAC Lingering and Brow Set gel


Lipliner : MAC BBQ
Lipstick : Sleek Peaches & Cream
Lipgloss : MAC Pretty Quick (LE)

All the brushes used can be found HERE! :)


RX-SZ said...

I love your tutorials! I need start trying them!

Shirley said...

Thank you! :) xo

esteeem said...

ooh loving the peachiness of this look! I've been meaning to buy this Sleek Palette of late but haven't got round to it.. looks gorgeous though, cant wait to play around with peach colours too for Spring!


Vivi said...

Liking the tutorial and the finished look. Thank you for sharing.

salut! sophie said...

Love this tutorial, I'll definitely be trying it out! I've had my eye on the Avoir La Peche palette for a while but I didn't think I'd be able to use it enough to justify buying it, but this look is so fresh and natural for spring!

StealMyHeartLove said...

I love the look.

Can you please review the Sleek New Skin Revive Foundation? Thank you. x

Jinz said...

Great tutorial. I enjoyed watching this

Roxanne said...

please please please can you do a review on the sleek foundation. I really want to try it but im not sure if its good because the reviews are limited. x

sternchenslove said...

That looks so pretty! Live that look. It´s perfect for summer.

Alex said...

Such a beautiful look :) The colours are perfect on you.

Agnes in Wonderland said...

Beautiful make-up :)

Sher said...

very pretty look,me loves it!!!

chibuye_11 said...

hi shirley,
love the tutorial .i discoverd your blog a fue months ago and i ive fallen in love our blog .you have a grat sense of fashion .
you just got yourself one more fan.

xoxo (african girl from the Netherlands)

Chloe said...

wow, a lot of products! soo pretty with your skin tone xxx

Hasini said...

Love it!

maphi said...

i love the way you use all the loud colours in a subtle way xoxo

Caroline said...

Love the peach on your eyes. You do a great job blending.


galatea. said...

you are very sassy! love your blog x

Vintage and Cake said...

You have thee most beautiful skin hun, I adore the sleek palette's I am looking forward to the new ones :)