What's in my Candy Bag?

Friday, 15 April 2011

In my Candy & Cocktails post, I asked you to have a think and guess which Candy Bag I went for, and Tadaaaa!!!
I went for the Clear one, with Orange & Pink accents! Pretty, isn't it?! I'm quite overjoyed to be an owner of this coveted beauty!

Ok, so what's in it?

I have my...

Camera (Nikon D5000)
You never know when a "Kodak" moment will materialise! ;)

From my bank cards to my loyalty cards...my life is in there!

I love reading, always have a book/mag in my bag!

Should be in there, but has disappeared! Probably on my bed somewhere! :|

 Sunglasses & Case
For when the sun decides to show! (or when I need to hide my "designer" bags! :P)

Small Jotter & Pen
Jotting down random thoughts. Vintage Twitter! ;)

Oyster Card
To travel on the buses and trains around London!

And a few other things, like my Tesco Clubcard, Library Card etc..

For Touch ups

Lipstick/Gloss of the day
For Touch ups

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume
My favourite!

Right, so I usually have this stuff in my bag, along with a bunch of other nonsense, but seeing as this is a transparent bag, I kinda feel the need to put in just the necessary stuff and keep it tidy!

...or it could just be my OCD self! Haha! :D ..xo