Classic meets Colourful.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Classic styles and pieces tailored to perfection in a mix of colours, from cream/beige-y hues to pops of red and yellow. Love.
Take a look at what my summer wardrobe is going to be like.
I have some nice pieces that just came in this morning from Beyond Retro. Wanna see what I got??
..I'll show you later, along with other buys I've accumulated over the weeks! :)


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[Images Sourced from Tumblr.]


'E, said...

love it!


Dreadedbeauti said...

I love the fact we're going back to a classier time!!

PinkSweetSz said...

Yeah Mee too (To the Comment Above) I love how Trashy Isnt In anymore, And Classy Is In!! :) x

Sia said...

I love this, it really sums up my style! I try an be a bit classy in every outfit I put together. Love Sia

nike said...

yah, very inspiring, keep the classy look on. great work.

huge hug!