New Vintage Gems.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Why does it feel like yonks since I last blogged? I think it's because I've been so incredibly busy, and have not had time to even check my tweets or e-mails, let alone hit the "New Post" button! How are we all?? Very well I hope, the weather's been good, so no complaining there! It's nice though, to finally have some time to relax, and talk to you all! :)

Here are two vintage gems I've picked up, the clutch (£10) from the local charity shop, and scarf (£5) from a market stall on my brief visit to Brick Lane a few days ago!

I have bags full of clothes I bought on the high street (H&M, Topshop and Primark galore) that I'll be sharing in a Haul Video (Fingers crossed it'll be filmed and uploaded tomorrow!)

Also, exciting things coming for you lovely lot. So amazing of you to take time out of your days to stop by and read my little posts, it means a great deal to me, so I'm always happy to give back to you guys!
Do I feel another giveaway coming? ...oh yeahhh!

I know this is a lengthy post, but if you've read up until this point...I love you!

Hope you're having a nice day wherever you are!

Lots of Love


Wonderland Girl said...

That clutch is a beauty!

Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

khaz said...

The clutch is amazing!
And yay for haul video.

agirlinthebigappleblog said...

I love your items :) I hope we get a video because there's nothing better than waking up to see a new video of you in my subscription box lol

Love Camie said...

i love with that clutch!

Camie said...

I love that clutch! It's amazing.

alissa b said...

What lovely finds! Another giveaway you say? Show me some love this time around then & let me win ;)

great photo!

Rach said...

That clutch is AMAZING! I always love pictures of your accessories

All Things Lovely said...

Excited to see the haul video and one more thing you are GREAT!

Love YA!


nicola said...

the clutch is lovellly and i LOVE the scarf! cant wait for the video too! :) xxx

Melody.A said...

I love the clutch and scarf! I can't wait to see how you will style it!
Yay for haul video

Laura said...

I need to get my hands on a scarf like that! It's lovely!


Bea said...

Love the scarf.
Looking forward to the video!

Ricquetta said...

That clutch is stunning! Can't wait for the video as well!

Ivonne said...

I am a new follower, and I am in love with your videos and blog! Your style is so chic! Love it!!!

Dom said...

That clutch is so adorable. I love the marble swirl design.

That girl Saadiya said...

The clutch is beautiful!! very different and unique,
Also, Just wanted to saaaaay, Im an avid reader of your blog so awarded you with this Best Blog Award that is going round! You can check it here -


Nic said...

love the finds! the clutch is just adorable!


ShopeDelano said...

I love the scarf, I definitely need to take a trip to Brick Lane!

Shore. Xxxx

Snow Black said...

That is a gorgeous clutch you got there!

Tanii said...

I love your blog,so I nominated you for an Blog Award on my page!
xx Tanja