That 70's Flare.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Do you recycle your outfits? I do, especially if I liked the way it looked when I first wore it. I actually wore this one on Wednesday and again today (with different accessories). I just love the whole 70's vibe at the moment. With all the Maxi dresses, flared bottoms, vintage rounded glasses and boho chic hair & makeup. 

Flared Jeans : Topshop
Blouse : Topshop
Head Piece : Courtesy of GlamourRouge
Shoes : Zara
Bag : Primark

New Haircut.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Thanks mum.

I feel like I'm finding myself. You know that feeling when you realise what makes you tick and all that jazz. I was looking at some of my old posts and videos (from 2 years ago..) and was thinking about how different a person I was compared to who I am now. Growth.

I initialy just needed a trim and decided (spur of the moment) to get a little bit more off. I like it. ;)

Off to see Michelle later in the city, I'll probably shoot my outfit then too! ..xo

Lipstick : Morange (MAC)

Freja Beha Love.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm quite, simply put, obsessed with her (borderline crush). She always has this look in her eyes of deep thought. "Queen of cool" as someone rightly puts it.
Oh how I love these black and white shots of her.

[Photos Sourced from Google & FashionGoneRouge.]


Monday, 25 April 2011

(Makeup Tutorial)

Ahh soft and glowy makeup, you've got to love it! It's quite easy to achieve and it looks amazing on everyone.


The key is to prime and apply a light foundation to keep the skin looking natural. Light Bronzing or Contouring/Highlighting will add dimension to the face and applying a cheek colour that is close to your natural blush will give a subtle "glowing from within" look. 

Primer : MAC Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum
Foundation : MAC Face + Body Foundation (C7)
Concealer : MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC45)
Contour/Highlight : Sleek Kit
Blush : MAC Peaches
Powder : MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder


Oranges, golds, greens and browns can be used on the eyelids to add some colour. Here I have a browny gold on the lids, and a hint of a bluey/green on the lower lash line. I kept the lining minimal, and went for volumised lashes instead!

Primer : Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Lids : MAC Woodwinked
Brow Bone : Benefit Eye Bright
Upper Lash Line & Waterline : MAC Smolder
Lower Lash Line : Sleek Humming bird (Monaco Palette)
Lashes : L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes & GA Cheryl Lashes


Nudes, peaches and soft pinks are great for looks like these!

Lipstick : Sleek Peaches & Cream
Lipgloss : MAC Mimmy (LE)


Our Room.

Friday, 22 April 2011

I never thought having my sister as a roomy would ever be fun. We're so different in lots of ways, and growing up in that little space was a bit crazy at times. I'm a neat freak, and Kezia is, well, the opposite.  She's more laid back and care free about stuff, while i'm very meticulous. These little differences were often the reason we'd get into squabbles and the like, and we would both wish for our dear God to give us separate rooms, were we could do as we liked with our own space!

It wasn't until after I moved out of home and went to University that we both realised how much we loved each other's company, and yes we have differences, but we came to miss those little things too! 
Now every time I come back home it's all laughs and I'm so grateful to have her as a roomy! 

We decided to have a little tidy and redecorate our room, to sort of mark how special it is for us to share this little space with each other. We've both come to compromise, about a few things, but we're determined to make this space enjoyable and liveable too. :) ..xo

"Happiness pulses with every beat of my heart."

Monday, 18 April 2011

 Quote by Emily Logan Decens.

I sometimes make myself believe I can persuade the sun to make an appearance by wearing colourful clothes. Hehe!
Sometimes the sun does come out, other times it doesn't! ...I still prance and dance around anyway! :) ..xo

Skirt : River Island
Top : H&M
Shoes : H&M
Candy Bag : Furla

[Photos/Filming by Kezia Eniang, Produced and Editted by me.] 

My Favourite Foundations!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

I've promised numerous times to do a post and video of my favourite foundations! It's about time I did, as I feel I've got a good enough use of them!
Have an open mind when reading on, and also remember: what works for me may not necessarily work for you. My advice would be to get your hands on samples of products you may be interested in, have a little test of them, and that way you are more likely to find what works for you!

So without further ado, here are my favourite foundations...

MAC Face + Body Foundation
120 ml 4.0 fl oz £23.50
My Shade : C7

MY REVIEW : This is a water-based, water-resistant foundation that offers light coverage. I find after applying it, my face still looks natural. It has moisturising properties, but doesn't leave the skin feeling all oiled up. I think it is very versatile as it can be used in the colder or warmer months. It comes in different shades and it lasts a very long time (bottle life that is), so the price isn't to dire if you think about it!
I like to apply this foundation using a duo fibre brush.


MAC Mineralise Skin Finish / Natural
10 g  0.35 US oz £18.50
My Shade : Dark

MY REVIEW : A mineral based powder foundation that offers medium coverage and evens skin tone. This foundation is very buildable and stays put throughout the day (although may oxidise if not blended in properly). It has a matte finish. I tend to use this on it's own some days, or over my other foundations as a setting powder.
I like to apply this foundation using a large powder or kabuki brush. 


SLEEK New Skin Revive Foundation
 30 ml 1.2 fl oz £7.30
My Shade : 632 Creme Caramel

MY REVIEW : This is a medium coverage foundation, that also has buildable qualities. It gives a natural looking finish and a subtle glowing look that can look very nice. It lasts a long time on, and it is very affordable. The shade range is very large, so i'm sure you will have no problem finding yours! Well done Sleek, this is My ALL TIME favourite drugstore foundation.
I like to apply this foundation using a flat foundation brush.


So there you have it. I do hope this was somewhat helpful! :) ..xo

Nail Polish : Filthy Gorgeous Nails in shades "tu-tu much" and "mango"
(My new polish brand obssesion, post coming soon!)

Pretty Peachy!

(Makeup Tutorial)

So after my brief hiatus from ze whole beauty side of things (purely because I haven't been that creative with my makeup, just boring old eyeliner and a lip color) I decided to get back into the swing of things! I filmed this Summer inspired makeup tutorial, with quite a few peachy and orangey toned products! It's still very much wearable, I think! I'm excited to see what other looks I come up with, using this palette and a few other goodies in my makeup collection! :) ...xo

Products used...


Foundation : Sleek New Skin Revive, Creme Caramel
Concealer : MAC Studio Finish, NC45
Powder : MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, Dark
Contour, Blush, Highlight : MAC Wonderwoman Golden Lariat (LE)


Primer : Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Lid : Persian Orange (Sleek Avoir La Peche Paraguaya Palette)
Crease : Persimmon (")
Outer Corner : Stone (")
Browbone : Sandstone (")
Water Line : MAC Smolder
Lash Line : Maybelline Fluid Liner
Lashes : L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes
(Ended up skipping the falsies today!)
Brows : MAC Lingering and Brow Set gel


Lipliner : MAC BBQ
Lipstick : Sleek Peaches & Cream
Lipgloss : MAC Pretty Quick (LE)

All the brushes used can be found HERE! :)

What's in my Candy Bag?

Friday, 15 April 2011

In my Candy & Cocktails post, I asked you to have a think and guess which Candy Bag I went for, and Tadaaaa!!!
I went for the Clear one, with Orange & Pink accents! Pretty, isn't it?! I'm quite overjoyed to be an owner of this coveted beauty!

Ok, so what's in it?

I have my...

Camera (Nikon D5000)
You never know when a "Kodak" moment will materialise! ;)

From my bank cards to my loyalty life is in there!

I love reading, always have a book/mag in my bag!

Should be in there, but has disappeared! Probably on my bed somewhere! :|

 Sunglasses & Case
For when the sun decides to show! (or when I need to hide my "designer" bags! :P)

Small Jotter & Pen
Jotting down random thoughts. Vintage Twitter! ;)

Oyster Card
To travel on the buses and trains around London!

And a few other things, like my Tesco Clubcard, Library Card etc..

For Touch ups

Lipstick/Gloss of the day
For Touch ups

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume
My favourite!

Right, so I usually have this stuff in my bag, along with a bunch of other nonsense, but seeing as this is a transparent bag, I kinda feel the need to put in just the necessary stuff and keep it tidy!

...or it could just be my OCD self! Haha! :D ..xo

Candy & Cocktails!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

After events in New York, Milan, and Paris, Furla celebrated the success of the iconic Candy Bag in London, where I and a few others attended. Furla held the party at their flagship store on Regent's Street, and it was hosted by Susie (of Stylebubble) and Kit (of StyleSlicker). The evening was filled with colour, cocktails and stylish outfits, and we moved to the banging beats of Super DJ Bip Ling's decks. There were a lot of Candy Bags on show, orange ones, yellow ones, green ones, blue ones, a lot! I had my eye on one through out the evening, and I left with it! Can you guess which one I went for? (I will be posting about my new baby next, where it will be revealed!)

I met some really lovely people, and I had a very nice time!

Toni (of Fashitects) , Alan (of SwaggermanEniang), Me, Helen (of PlasticLipstickatNoon)

Michael Woods & Candy Jacobs (Cast of The Only Way is Essex!)
These guys were so lovely, and Mike is really funny!

The lovely Elina (of Imperfect-Perfectionista) and beautiful Anna (of La Khimich).

Bip Ling & I!

Kezia (of Small-n-Sassy), Alan, Me.

Hope you enjoyed reading and like the pictures! :) ..xo