New Vintage Gems.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Why does it feel like yonks since I last blogged? I think it's because I've been so incredibly busy, and have not had time to even check my tweets or e-mails, let alone hit the "New Post" button! How are we all?? Very well I hope, the weather's been good, so no complaining there! It's nice though, to finally have some time to relax, and talk to you all! :)

Here are two vintage gems I've picked up, the clutch (£10) from the local charity shop, and scarf (£5) from a market stall on my brief visit to Brick Lane a few days ago!

I have bags full of clothes I bought on the high street (H&M, Topshop and Primark galore) that I'll be sharing in a Haul Video (Fingers crossed it'll be filmed and uploaded tomorrow!)

Also, exciting things coming for you lovely lot. So amazing of you to take time out of your days to stop by and read my little posts, it means a great deal to me, so I'm always happy to give back to you guys!
Do I feel another giveaway coming? ...oh yeahhh!

I know this is a lengthy post, but if you've read up until this point...I love you!

Hope you're having a nice day wherever you are!

Lots of Love

Botanical Kimono.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Oh the weather was lovely this afternoon, and from what I hear, it's going to be really lovely this coming week!! Yay! I love my new Botanical Kimono Cardi. Paired it with one of my favourite wardrobe pieces, these Topshop Jeans/Leggings and some sandals. Can you believe the lipstick I'm wearing is only £1??? It's by MUA, a small concession in Superdrug! It's really moisturising and the colour pay off is amaze! :D

Hope you're having a nice saturday! :)

Kimono : Primark
Tee : H&M
Jeans : Topshop
Belt : Topshop
Sandals : Topshop
Satchel : Primark

Mum's Vintage Skirt.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My mum did a clearout of her closet some weeks back, and as I was helping her, I discovered so many gems. This vintage skirt was one of them. I love how flowy it is, and the colour is just me. I have so many other pieces that mum kindly gave to me, hopefully I'll share them with you as we go along! :) ..xo

Skirt : Vintage (Mum's)
Bustier : Vintage (Beyond Retro)
Belt : Primark
Jacket : H&M
Flats : H&M
Bag : Topshop
Rings & Things : Topshop, H&M & Gift Girls

Summer's coming...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I always carry a pair of flats in my bag. Always. 

No matter how many times I try and convince myself that "Oh these are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn" and Yes they usually are - for those few minutes I bounce around admiring them in my room - but just wait until I get to town! LOL! These pretty little peep toe flats came in so handy yesterday, I tell you! (Feel free to "spot the difference" in the shots ahaha!)

Got up really early in the morning and drove down to London with my sister Kezia, and friends Claude and Jennifer for a shoot we were working on. The shoot was in West London, just round the corner from Westfield (Kezia and I were very happy about this, as you can imagine) and on our Lunch break, we headed off to the Shops, then for a bit of Nandos!

I'm in the middle of shuffling all my stuff from Nottingham to London for the (really long) Summer Holidays, so it's been a bit manic! Will hopefully be settled by the end of the week! 

Hope you're well! :) ..xo

Dress : H&M
Belt : Primark
Blazer : H&M
Wedges : New Look
Flats : H&M
Bag : Topshop
Rings & Things : Topshop, H&M, Gift Girls
Sunglasses : Tatler Freebie

We are Glitter.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Silver Foxy Woods, £95 : Jeffery Campbell (C/O Zalando)

Ahhhhh. And again..Ahhhhh! Do you guys know how much I've been wanting a pair of Foxy Woods??? Well, if you didn't, I really lusted for a pair. So you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Zalando, offering to send me a pair...Let's just say I died. They arrived this morning, wrapped and boxed up ever so nicely. I opened up the package and the glittering beauties stared right back at me, asking to be tried on. And ofcourse I did, they looked beaut, even with my Primark heart patterened PJ's! Lol!

I'm in Love. I can't wait to whip out an outfit post with these!

As far as I know, some of us here in the UK have a little bit of a challenge when finding good online stores to order Brands (i.e Jeff Cambs..) that are not available here. I'd suggest popping over to Zalando, and having a good browse around the many brands they sell and ship to us.
They're also available in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria. 


I know some of you are eagerly awaiting some Hair Reviews and DIYs so I have made a List of the things I need to post about (on the blog and on youtube), and I'm going to tick them off as I go along! 

I've also got some giveaways for you too! So look out for fun times on meek~n~mild! :)

Also, also...Kezia's coming into town tonight! Wooo! ^.^ ..xo

My favourite place.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

There's a little park just around the corner from my house, where I like to go often, to clear my head. It's quiet and peaceful. I decided today to take my books with me on my little trip to it, as I felt I'd be able to get some work done. I've never been much of a library person, don't ask why, I much prefer to study in my room with some soft music playing, or at Starbucks with the hazey voices of other coffee lovers in the background. I recently discovered that studying here yields just as good results. The quiet whisper of the wind blowing is so soothing to the ear, and the occasional appearance of the sun lights up the place beautifully.
It's also a great location for me to take pictures of pretty flowers and ofcourse, my outfits (Remember TWEEDily Dee?). I snapped these shots just as the time came for me to leave my favourite place...

Tee : H&M
Scarf : Vintage
Shorts : DIY
Belt : Primark
Boots : Peacocks
Rings & Things : Topshop, Primark & Gift Girls

Neon Brights anyone?

Friday, 3 June 2011

Michael Kors Resort 2012.

Inspired by the beachside city lifestyle of Sydney, Australia, the collection features an exciting mix of Neon Brights, Zebra Print and Scuba inspired pieces...makes me want to book a holiday NOW!
But I also love how it can be translated to dressing that is normal for the City Girl. Love the Green and Black Stripped Dress, I can see myself strolling about town in it and that Pink Evening Gown... Divine!

[Images : Fashionologie]

Cobalt Touch.

We're all used to the usual Black Eyeliner, but why not switch it up with a bit of colour? There's a genius way of doing this...

Spray some MAC Fix + on an Angled Eye liner Brush, then Dip it into any colour you want (I used a Cobalt Blue) and line those eyes!

I filmed this one in collaboration with Klaire De Lys, who's a lovely youtuber! I hope you enjoy! xo

What I used...

~ Face ~

Foundation : MAC Face + Body (C7) (Sleek Foundation Brush)
Powder : MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural (Dark)
Concealer : MAC Studio Finish (NC45) (MAC 224)
Bronzer : MAC Golden Bronzer (MAC 109)
Blush : MAC Style (Sigma Powder Brush)

~ Eyes ~

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Fix +
Lid and Crease : Tan and Brown from Sleek Storm Palette (MAC 239 + Sigma Blending Brush)
Eye liner : MAC Deep Truth (MAC 266)
Highlight : Benfit Eye Bright & MAC Filament
Mascara : L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes

~ Lips ~

Lipliner : MAC BBQ
Lipstick : Sleek Peaches & Cream
Lipgloss : MAC Pretty Quick (LE)

Grecian Plait a la Raina Thorpe.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Kicking off the official start of summer, here's my new Youtube Beauty Series "Perfect for Summer". I'll be filming lots of Makeup and Hair Tutorials, as well as Favourite Products for the Best Season! Wahey! :D

Today, it's a Hair Style inspired by Gossip Girl's Raina Thorpe (Tika Sumpter). An elegant Grecian Plaited do, that's great for those summer days or nights! Hope you enjoy!