New Things

Thursday, 29 December 2011

1. Scuba Inspired Purple Top, Topshop (Petite)
2. NAKED Eyeshadow Pallette, Urban Decay
3. Snake Print Dress, Topshop (Cici, London)
4. Body Butters, The Body Shop
5. Beauty Box, Jolie Box

Finally got to treat myself with the mulah I got for Christmas. I'll probably be doing a Haul, showing other buys, on my YouTube Channel.

Mellow Yellow

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

London at night is beautiful. I find myself on occasion, taking long strolls through the city as if I were visiting for the first time, getting lost in all the wonderful scenery and architecture. Lots to photograph for sure! I was born here, and I've known London all my life, but I feel like there are still places to be discovered, people to see, and great experiences to have...

I got this yellow dress from Topshop last week, so flowy, so silky, so lovely! I adore it.
Really loving the pops of colour at the moment. Getting quite tired of the greys and blacks, although I'm not too sure how long this is going to last... We'll see.

Dress : Topshop
Leather Jacket : H&M
Hosiery : Primark
Boots : Forever 21
Bag : H&M
Jewellery : H&M

The Festive Frock

Saturday, 24 December 2011

This is my beloved Red dress, which I've had for almost a year, and I've been keeping it safe until the right day came around... and it's here!! I named it The Festive Frock, because of it's vibrant red colour that is synonymous with the holiday season! Paired with this cream blazer and wedges, and accessorised with some gold jewellery, I thought it perfect for the Christmas Day celebrations! I'll be spending the morning opening gifts with my family, then off to my Aunt's house for more food, laughs and banter with my extended family! Looking forward to it! :)

Dress : Primark
Belt : Primark
Blazer : H&M
Hosiery : Primark
Wedges : New Look
Bag : Zara
Jewellery : H&M

Just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
Remember Christmas is a time of giving.
Give your love, give your time and give your joy!
Hope all your wishes come true!

Lots of Love,

*PS* Thank you for your continued love and support on meek~n~mild. You have all made my year! God bless! xo

My Mystic Turquoise Coat

Friday, 23 December 2011

With the sunset dusting the atmosphere, exuding a surreal feel, this made for a perfect backdrop to shoot my new Mystic Turquoise Coat. The weather was beautiful. It wasn't too cold, and it wasn't too warm. It was just right. This coat has everything I look for in a coat. The classic style, the simple cut, and above all, the colour. Nothing like a bit of colour to brighten up your winter wardrobe. 

Coat : H&M
Dress : H&M
Tights : Primark
Boots : Forever 21
Bag : Zara
Jewellery : H&M

**PS** Check out my NEW Hair Update on my YouTube Channel! :) xo


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Eyebrows. They totally frame the face. I happen to be very particular about my eyebrows, and if they aren't in a good state, I get in a strop! I get mine professionally threaded at a local Brow Bar, and these can be found everywhere, from malls to beauty salons! I'd definitely recommend this method of grooming, because it leaves the brows looking clean and perfect. If you like doing your eyebrows yourself, I'd advice you to first allow a professional to thread them, so you can have a guide of how your eyebrows should look, then if you want, you can just pluck the new growth yourself in between visits to the professional.

Here's my rough guide on how your eyebrows should be shaped if you are going to shape them yourself (By either threading, waxing, shaving, filling etc..)!

In the Tutorial, I show you how I achieve my ideal shape, by filling in the gaps and perfecting the area around the brows! Enjoy! :)

Products Used

Spooley Brush : Old Mascara Wand
Eye Brow Pencil : Spiked (MAC)
Concealer : Studio Finish, NC45 (MAC)
Highlighter : Eye Bright (Benefit)

BEAUTY BASICS | Simple Daytime Smokey Eye

Monday, 19 December 2011

A look I often sport. It's simple, and I'm sure everyone can have a go! All that is required is the right blending technique, a little smudged smoky layer, and you're good. If you want, you can amp it up by increasing the black on the outer corner or even add more liner to the lower lash line to make it even more's up to you!

This is just how I achieve mine! :)

Products Used

~ Eyes ~

Primer : UDPP
Base : Jumbo Pencil, Black Bean (NYX)
Lid : Tempting (MAC)
Crease : Cork, Texture (MAC)
Outer Corner : Carbon (MAC)
Brow Bone : Cream (Sleek Bohemian Palette)
Lash & Water Line : Smolder (MAC)
Lashes : Curlers (Shu Uemura), Colossal (Maybelline), No 33 Lashes (MAC), Glue (Duo)

~ Lips ~

Liner : Soar (MAC)
Lipstick : Blush, 035 (Revlon)
Lipgloss : Deelight (MAC)

~ Face ~ 

Foundation : Matchmaster, 7.0 (MAC)
Concealer : Studio Fix, NC45 (MAC)
Powder : Translucent (MAC)
Highlight : The Illuminator (Laura Mercier)
Blush : Nutmeg (NYX)


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hi! :)

I don't know why it seems like ages since I last posted and outfit (Only Last Sunday). I guess because it's been a while since I shot outside! Hmmm.
I decided to wear my metallic jumper today! It's one of my favourite pieces! Don't be fooled, I know it looks like i'm not dressed for the bitterly cold weather we're having in London at the moment, but I have two layers underneath the jumper, and I was without my (very lovely furry) coat briefly, to shoot this! Oh and can you believe these boots where only £20? ...Forever 21, you have my heart! Haha!

I know there may be a few questions about my new hairstyle, hehe! I had extensions (Virgin Peruvian Hair) sewn in yesterday! You know me, I get bored of my hair easily, and I constantly switch it up! A review and more info about the style will be up soon!

Metallic Jumper : H&M
Silver Necklace : A gift from my Mum
Jeans : Topshop
Boots : Forever 21
Bag : H&M
Coat : H&M


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I believe that two people can walk into a room dressed in the same clothing, but what may separate them with regards to their style, lies in the details. And the details are in the accessory. With accesories one can become really creative and they can allow their style and personality to show through.

As you've noticed I've been going gaga over the past few weeks with my accessory buying and every time I come across a new piece that I feel speaks to me, or a new accessory store, I get very excited!

I'd like to share with you a new favourite of mine... Boticca.
It is just pure brilliance.

It's a marketplace of unique accessories, made by emerging fashion designers from all over the world.
Every piece has a story, and every story is told by it's designer. 

While browsing excitedly through their website I came across some amazing pieces, and I fell in love with this intriguing looking clutch (The V Clutch in Flame), designed by Dareen Hakim from New York. Originally from Beirut, Lebanon she "grew up surrounded by a vibrant culture filled with the richness of history and the beauty of modernity. Her inspirations reflect these intriguing contrasts and dimensions, bringing together the chic elegance of today with the flavors of the ancient, the rustic and the authentic." I love her work.

Here are a few more of her elegant designs.

 Here's another piece I really love, the Feather Bracelet designed by Leila Kashanipour from London. You know me, I'm one for the simple, yet statement piece, and this one really is the definition of that. Gorgeous.
(Daddy if you're reading this, you know how much I love you right? *Sings* This Christmas... ;))
Here are some more of her designs, Love.


I'd say to pop on over to Boticca and have a browse through the amazingness on there, you're bound to find something that speaks to you!

Oh, and for those looking for gifts, there is a Personal Gift Guide section on the site where you can find ideas of what to get for that special someone! :)

Little Jewellery Tree

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I wanted to show you this lovely  Jewellery Holder I purchased the other day from Paper Chase. It's like a little tree, and it holds my necklaces nicely! It also comes in Berry Pink and Silver, and it was only £8.75! I just love it! It could also serve as a cute gift this Christmas, don't you think?
Also, here are a few new pieces I've bought recently. The first necklace is from Topshop (£10), the second necklace and wired bangle are from a stall at the Clothes Show which I attended on Friday (£3 each), and the amazing silver bangle is from Urban Outfitters (£7)!

I'm looking for more ways to store my collection of jewellery pieces, how do you store yours? I'd love to know! :)