Happy Sunday!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

September's Elle, Topshop Sunglasses and My heat wave makeup: NYX Lip Gloss in Natural, tons of Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara and MAC Select cover up Concealer in NC45.

1. Take some time out for yourself.
2. Have a fruit salad!
3. Read your favourite magazine or a novel.
4. Try Peppermint tea!
5. Give something: a smile, a hug or a high five!


Lauren said...

I've never tried peppermint tea, now I am going to!


Barbara1923 said...

Happy sunday to you too Shirley

AllIneed said...

The best glosses are nyx ones. xoxo

Anni said...

ya nyx glosses...the best ones!! :)
looks like a nice sunday...you should also try peppermint tea with citrus-juice...or just cold water and you add some slices of fresh cucumber into...so refreshing and tastes good! :)

Anette Velsh said...

This is sooo much, what I need right now - a nice, relaxing Sunday with spoiling myself and taking it easy.

Been working hard this weekend and now I want to enjoy the sudden blessing of a wonderful weather.

Enjoy your Sunday :)

Sophie ★ said...

Ooh is that mascara good? I keep meaning to try peppermint tea! Happy Sunday to you too :)

sophierosehearts x

Olivia Law said...

Happy Sunday to you as well! Substitute the Elle for a Nylon and our weekends match!
http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.co.uk/ xo

Angelica said...

I'm loving this months Elle magazine. Peppermint tea is so good for the hot weather. x

Liz Lauren said...

that sounds soo good right now!


Cari said...

Great Sunday post, happy Sunday dear :)


alicebea said...

happy sunday!! mmm...peppermint tea is lush!


CAL said...

Happy Sunday, I hope u have an amazing day. I'm definantly going to use these tips.


Phoebe Robinson said...

Sounds lovely, happy Sunday xxx

Johana... said...

Happy Sunday :))

The Fashion Native said...

I never used to like peppermint tea, but i knew it was really really good and detoxing for you so i just stuck at it and kept drinking it and now i love it. p.s its really good for a hangover hehe xxxxxx

Eda. said...

Loving September's ELLE! I gave my mum that mascara and she loves it, looks and feels so natural on!

Eda ♥

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FromParisWithLove said...

I hope you had a great sunday Shirley. Nice quick & simple post.

Andie ;)

dami said...

The September Elle is giving me LIFE!

MsBLondon said...

i wish i could do all this on a sunday but got such a busy schedule however.. i WILL be buying that september ELLE if i don't manage to do anything else on the list
Lovely Shirl!

MsB xo

Valentina Duracinsky said...

nice :)


Demmy said...

definitely going to try peppermint tea x