Scarf Many Ways

Sunday, 29 January 2012

I thought I'd share with you a few ways I've been wearing my scarf lately. I love how simple and chic they all look and they are very easy to do!

Scarf to Necklace @ 2:09
Scarf to Head Tie @ 7:31
Scarf to Hair Bow @ 9:42
Scarf to Turban @ 11:07
Scarf to Neck Bow @ 12:35

You'll need...

A Square Scarf (Mine is Vintage, and you can find these in any Charity Shop!)
Collar Necklace (Primark/Topshop)

*The Scarf to Collar was inspired by This Photo I saw on Tumblr!*

What do you think? Which one do you like the most? :)


Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Birthday was on Thursday the 19th, and here's what I wore!
This shift dress in a beautiful apricot shade, styled to look like a top, and paired with leggings. I really wanted to shoot the outfit outside, but the rain would have soaked me! Ha! But I'm happy with the way they came out!

It was my first birthday being spent with my Mum in Two Years. My last two, I was away at University (My siblings made it up to Notts for my last one), and can you believe I always had exams around both? I'm so glad to have finished them in time to come home! Mummy got a little emotional sharing my birth story with me that morning, and I thought it was so cute. My mum is just so cute. Bless her.

We went for dinner and a movie, very simple and lowkey, but very special. We saw the Iron Lady, which my mum and I really enjoyed.

Dress : Zara
Leggings : H&M
Shoes : Zara
Trench : H&M
Bag : Zara
Earrings : Topshop
Bangles : H&M
Watch : Aldo

So thankful to have another year added to my life!
Thank you to all who have sent me lovely messages and tweets! Love you lots! :)

Clean, Crisp Lines

Monday, 9 January 2012

What I look for in the perfect white shirt : Clean, crisp lines. Every girl should have a basic white long-sleeve shirt as a staple in their wardrobe. It's clean, it's classic but still it remains modern. I can never get tired of buying them, along with black shoes. I guess I'm just a lover of the sheer nature of them.
They look good, and go with everything.

Shirt : H&M
Blazer : H&M
Jeans : Topshop (Jaime)
Boots : Forever 21
Bag : Zara (New Buy!)
Watch : Aldo

A girl can dream...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Well it's my birthday in a couple of days (*Cough* The 19th *Cough*), and I have found myself, more than ever before lusting for a few new things.
So I decided to compile a Wishlist, and share it with you! :)
A girl can dream... 

1. Wide Boat Neck Top, COS
2. Willow Double Zip Boots, KG
3. Raised Collar Bordeaux Jacket, The Kooples
4. Pastel Trio Nail Polish, Models Own
5. Keyhole Shift Dress, Oasis
6. Pleat Midi Shirtdress, Topshop
7. Leather Shopping Bag, COS
8. Metal Strap Watch, Urban Outfitters
9. Patent Skinny Waist Belt, ASOS
10. Baies Candle, Dyptique
11. Heart4Heart Bracelet, Folli Follie
12. The Fashion Book, Amazon

Over and over again

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mum : Where is your coat Shirley?
Me : It's in the house mum, I'm just taking pictures. I'll put it on when I'm actually going out later. Promise.
Mum : Hmph. Ok. Don't come to me when you get a cold.
Me : You can't get a cold from standing in the cold mum. You get it from an infection.
Mum : Silly girl.

My mum still doesn't understand what we do here. Bless her.
This is me in my New snakeskin print waterfall dress. I'm so in love with it. I don't mind wearing it over and over again.

I'm off back to Nottingham today to face the books! I am excited because I do miss my apartment, my little space, and just being in Notts!
However, I'm not so excited about the Calculus Exam that awaits me. Oh the Joy!

Dress : Topshop (Cici London)
Belt & Hosiery : Primark
Boots : Forever 21
Bag : Zara
Coat (In the House, lol!) : H&M