Shoes, shoes, shoes...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Angelica Blick for Nelly Trend Knight Heels :: Zara Ankle Boots :: H&M Boots

Just have a look at these beauties! All ready and set for me to don as Autumn comes around. I'm very excited to be pairing them with pieces in my new Autumn wardrobe!
I love Autumn because I feel I can be even more experimental with my style, by adding layers, new textures and the like, so very different from the stripped back summer style of dressing! Are you excited for Autumn? I know I am! :)

Oh and London Fashion Week is just a couple of days away! I've been amidst the craziness and thrill of it before, but this time I'm taking a back seat and I will be enjoying the shows and coverage through live streams! Looking forward to what this season will bring! :D